If you HAD to move back to UK (due to Brexit)....where would you choose?

You go to The Dales or The Lakes… live where you feel comfortable…

My Gran moved twice to live near our family… when yet another move was announced… she refused to budge and said she would always be there for us… any time… and she was… (plus gave us somewhere to go on holiday… )

I’ve really missed them Stella. My Mum is getting older and I haven’t seen her for a year. She can’t travel anymore so can’t come here. I have missed my nieces growing up and they are such lovely girls. I want some time with them all.

Bonjour Peter, thank you for this accolade :star_struck: , I will be back over at my house next week for half term and will be visiting The Chip Shop in Confolens for the first time and i will see how it compares to UK shops. Best Fish and Chips I’ve had was in Poole harbour was not even a restaurant it was a wooden shed! I always avoid places like Harry Ramsden etc.

Ah well, that’s different then… if you HAD to go back… you will obviously want to be with them… :hugs:

Our Gran did come to visit us regularly… so none of us missed out… but it was all in the UK, so easy…

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Poole harbour… brings back memories childhood memories… :relaxed::relaxed:

My elder brother decided to take me and another girl out in a dingy… he was trying to impress us both but, to his horror… he was the one who succumbed to the motion of the waves… :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

I never let on that my stomach was beginning to misbehave as well… l managed to last out until we were safely ashore and I could hide in the loo…

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We thought camping would be fun a long time ago. Tom’s Camping field near Poole it was. Tent too small and had to ask fellow campers to help us put it up. Completely unprepared actually…it’s a wonder we stayed together after that experience…
Actually if we went back to the uk, camping is probably all we could afford…


I remember a Toms farm campsite not too far from Swanage - probably not the same one though.

Some friends of ours were looking to relocate to Dorset, near Swanage and they found they couldn’t even afford a beach hut.

Reminds me of Southwold in Suffolk a few years back … there was a hue and cry when a beach hut sold for more than the price of a house :open_mouth:

Could be Mark, I’m exploring the dark recesses of my mind, so not necessarily reliable…

Being a Yorkshireman I’d have to say Whitby (though the Magpie is slightly overrated).

There was a chippie just outside the town here in Sourdeval, located in a run-down shed by two hopeful types hoping to pay their way on the proceeds.

Not surprising they went broke. Even if every one of the 200 Brits here had a fish supper every Friday it wasn’t going to bring home the haddock. It’s saddening to see so many hopefuls fall by the wayside.

I.O.M where we came from, our grandkids are manx, and a lot of old friends, not sure where we would live, you have to wait 10 years for a council house.

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I spent a lot of my childhood in (and on!) Poole harbour…

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Although I count my lucky stars every day that I’m here in Brittany and loving it… I’m conscious of several scenarios that “could” conceivably play out prematurely which “could” conceivably necessitate my move back to UK…one scenario would be temporary… another would maybe have to be semi-permanent/permanent…

But if I HAD to go back now then whilst I would probably prefer Scotland or Ireland I think I would naturally gravitate to the familiarity of Leicestershire purely because that’s where my family are…me turning up on their doorsteps with suitcase…French LHD car and two Collies in tow might not necessarily be part of their own future plans at the minute but…:grinning::grinning:

My son and one of my daughters and two of my grandsons are here at the minute…they really want to live in Brittany too…(house spotted in Taupont by my daughter)…:slightly_smiling_face:


Once I was dragged screaming and kicking I would have to say that either Yorkshire or Lancashire. Maybe even try Devon or Cornwell as these are two counties that I have never visited.
Have to say that I could never imagine ‘going back’ though as it’s now been 19 years since I last set foot in the UK and the experience wasn’t a good one !

I worked in Bournemouth for four years and lived in Swanage for most of that time. I spent a fair bit of time passing through Poole and occasionally visited a pub or two or went windsurfing either in the harbour or from the beach at Sandbanks.

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I moved to Poole in '87 and loved the “holiday” atmosphere and buzz of the place. Developed my sailing skills and worked on boats for other people until I could afford my own. Sailed to France. Game over.

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Not applicable; moved to France from Australia, not UK.

But you read the thread and replied… :thinking::roll_eyes: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I did read some of the thread and I did reply because there seems to be an assumption on many forums that everyone who relocates to France or Spain or wherever else in Europe has done so from UK; it’s called perspective. :wink: