If you like latin dance and fire arts...and especially if you live near Brive

Great night last night at first live spectacle since the beginning of the year. Childishly excited!!

A 2 person compagnie called Bilbobasso, with a short piece called Amor. They mix fire arts with theatre/dance and we found it totally engaging and fresh. Felt for them tho’, at the end the women said she had never been as hot in her life! Dancing around in fire when temperature started off at 30 degrees can’t have been comfortable.

Loved it, as did rest of audience of socially distanced mask wearing locals. They are playing in Brize on 20th August, so if you are around there I recommend it. (Also other places that I can’t remember…)

You might need a brize if it so hot!
Why do people continue with this sort of thing when they know it is bad for the planet?
Just as selfish as those who go out on the lash without their masks.

That’s pretty harsh, i think it looks wonderful. It hardly compares to a 40 minute fireworks display over Paris or what ever!

I think that people have to get used to more simple pleasures if we are ever going to beat climate change.
Harsh or not, I think that is what is necessary.
Perhaps you did not read what I thought of the fireworks over Paris?

I think I may have :rofl: or at least something about your feelings about fireworks, and I do agree, and that we all need to make changes for the environment! I just thought that 2 dancers with a little fire will not the world heateth and obviously gave so much pleasure!

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It is not just the artists it is all the people who get into their cars to attend.
Maybe this is not a large gathering, but one thing that Covid is doing is stopping huge crowds coming together and sitting in traffic jams to get there and to go home.
Unfortunately we have the British Grand Prix taking place behind closed doors, all those formula 1 cars burning fuel and all their transporters and attendant staff whilst ordinary people are being forced to get rid of their gas boilers if they break down, whether or not they can afford to replace them or not.
This is just another example of one rule for those with lots of money v ordinary man/woman.

Orgelet, where the performance was, is a small town. The car park was not even full as most people came on foot or by bicycle. The performers used two small teapots of petrol, so probably no more than one uses to go to the supermarket a couple of times, and gave 150 people a huge amount of pleasure. Most of the effects were created by careful use of sparks and small flames. There were I think four firework things used, of the type that she is dancing with in photo.

And all the people in the audience were not at home using electricity and sitting in front of computers, so net environmental effect was probably postitive.

And you cannot equate small local activities with the Grand Prix.

If being concerned for the environment means being a killjoy then no progress will ever be made.


Which Brive are you talking about?

‘Orgelet’ what a name for a town :grin::grin::grin:

Great isn’t it. But it is really quite nice despite the name!

(Brive in 19 - other towns also available.