If you live in the 64 or 40, come and meet us for lunch!

To get us all through the doom and gloom that is February, we thought it would be nice to organise a couple of SFN lunches.

If you are free on February 4th or 11th and would like to meet James and I, for lunch in Mont de Marsan or Biarritz, please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you with a time and venue. We can be flexible on where we go on which date, so please indicate your preferred date and venue. E.g " I can make Biarritz on the 11th" or "I can do Mont de M on either date" - or if you live in the middle of the area, why not come to both?

There's quite a few of us lurking around the area now, so do come along and meet some new people and feel free to bring a friend or two - just let me know the numbers!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Catharine x

Dear Muriel - I will reply properly later but in the meantime I just wanted to say I am so sorry too about the yearling. It is always awful when you lose a youngster. Thinking of you xx

Hi Catherine, these destinations are a bit far for us, but the Pau idea sounds great. Keep us updated and we would love to come to lunch at Pau. best wishes. Pauline x


Should be able to make the 11th.

Sorry to take so long to respond, but been waiting to get confirmation of work commitments in UK. I hope I can make one or the other, so please keep me in the loop. Will confirm definitely nearer the time.

Ok campers - M de M on the 4th - probably the Tex mex place on the outskirts as per Fiona's excellent suggestion and Biarritz on the 11th. Happy to do Bayonne / Anglet obviously if it is more convenient for everyone else (?) but Biarritz was lovely today in the sunshine. And we all need a bit of glamour in our lives sometimes!

Happy to pick anyone up at the Btz / Bayonne rail stations if you are coming by train?

Biarritz it is then :)

We can do Biarritz on the 11th

Mont de Marsan is good for me, only an hour away, either dates.

If you’d like to organise an SFN lunch in your area, let me know and we will assist!