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For anyone watching live the parliament channel, all I can say is what a shower.

Boris couldn’t manage a single straight answer. Watching an elected Prime Minister of England disgrace himself and his nation. Patently lying and tellingly getting snippy with his interviewer, demonstrating his arrogance and self entitlement.

Johnson suggests ‘unsocially distanced farewell gatherings’ were allowed at work under Covid guidance.

Do you mean “couldn’t”?

Oh yes! Yes! Typo. I fix now.

Done. I was so busy sputtering into my teacup in sheer mortification, I tapped out wrongly

“I Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God”

30 seconds in and that was his first lie, it just went downhill after that, even by his usual grotty standards :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Absolutely no comparison!


The Economist, they hate Johnson, and have done for some time.

Boris Johnson testifies about Partygate

The former prime minister now provides more theatre than threat

Mar 22nd 2023

In this photo made available by UK Parliament, Boris Johnson gives evidence to the Privileges Committee at the House of Commons, London, Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a high-stakes grilling by a committee of lawmakers. The question is whether he misled Parliament about rule-breaking parties in government buildings during the coronavirus pandemic. (House of Commons/UK Parliament via AP)

Boris Johnson is an honest man. It is possible to tell this by the sheer number of times he declares his honesty. In his written submission to the committee of MPs investigating whether he intentionally misled Parliament over Partygate, the word “honest” popped up around 20 times in one form or another. In a three-hour hearing on March 22nd he offered yet more honesty, at one point even “hand on heart”. And little speaks more of honesty than declaring your honesty 20-odd times in two days.

Mr Johnson first came to national attention on a BBC comedy show called “Have I Got News for You”. Watch it now and those episodes feel more like a prophecy: the privileges committee, with clapping. Everything is there: the hair; the bluster; the accusations of wrongdoing. And, of course, the honesty. When asked then about an alleged crime, he replied: “Honestly, I don’t remember.”

It didn’t matter then. He was so funny, so blond, so charismatic. As the show’s host at the time said: “Everyone’s going to love you.” And large parts of Britain did—as an MP, then as mayor of London, then all the way to Downing Street. And Mr Johnson loved Britain back, so much so that he became the first British prime minister whose exact number of children is unknown.

The act seems now to be drawing to a close. The committee hearing was another panel, another show. But the mood of “Have I Got Pixellated Photos For You” was less jolly. The boozy Downing Street gatherings during lockdown are known as the Partygate scandal. But the aura of the hearing was pure hangover. Mr Johnson’s mood alternated between testy (“complete nonsense”, he spat at one point) and the kind of repentant abstinence that follows overindulgence. A man who once said he was pro having cake and pro eating it emphasised that, at his 2020 birthday gathering, “the cake remained in its Tupperware box”.

Mr Johnson did attempt a little bonhomie: he talked of “electric forcefields” and “higgledy-piggledy corridors”. But his audience was less interested in higgledy-piggledy corridors than in pages 30, 40 and 41 of the evidence bundle: might he refer to it? Above all they referred him to the photographs—an entire appendix of awkwardness, with bottles of wine and crisps and a regrettable takeaway on a silver platter.

There were other regrettable takeaways for Mr Johnson from all this. If the committee finds against him, it may set in train a process that ends in him leaving Parliament. But whatever its verdict, he looks done for. On the day he fended off questions about alcohol and trestle tables, MPs approved the Northern Irish dealnegotiated by Rishi Sunak. His polling is down; his chances of hitting the political heights again are slim. He might admit as much, if he were being honest with himself



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Excellent article. Thank you posting. I like to start my day with a smile.

No, an Amazon Echo Show 5.

Now that the buffoon has shot himself in the foot,yet again. Does anyone know when the final verdict is to be released,I cant find any dates online?

I was listening to the News Agents podcast, and they said not to expect anything for many weeks… in their words, “it definitely won’t be this side of Easter”.

Ah, thanks… I saw it and it reminded me of an old Joggler I picked up many years ago from O2, with the intention of hacking it into something useful. I might try and dig it out this weekend if I can remember which box in the garage it’s in.

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Thanks, Gives the T*** more wiggle room. I see Mogg and Dorries are banging his drum already. No doubt Truss and the ERG will continue wriggling to get a result suitable to them.

I usually get grumpy when people use England when they mean the UK but I think I’ll let you have that one. :wink:

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You’re right. I stand corrected. I’ll widen the tar brush - The British Prime Minister. A greater shower.

Hopefully before the summer recess, don’t count on him being given major sanctions though.

No matter what they say he will try and bluster and ignore the verdict, as he usually does, I mean come on the man never lies after all :roll_eyes:
You have to wonder what has went on between him and Dorries that she is such a staunch disciple of his, the way she looks at him is pure adulation :nauseated_face:

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