If you were a world leader - what would you do?

Australia is setting out to drive young people towards “job ready” degrees

If I were a world leader, I’d do something similar, but not with degrees. I’d pour money into apprenticeships in new industries / industries that are going to be increasingly relevant for the future and I’d start paying them straightaway on an apprenticeship wage and I’d link bonuses/increases to something like staying the course / practical exam results / etc.

And the apprenticeships would not just be aimed at the young. They’ll be needed throughout all ages as people lose their jobs.

“Industries” where I believe there are huge opportunities for the future for non-graduate technicians:
alternative power
3-D printing
health and well-being
local /city agriculture

What would you do?

I have said this a few times, but the world needs more ‘practical’ subjects and apprenticeships are still a good idea BUT unlike in my younger day they should not be the seven-year low-paid penances. A decent living wage should be the financing,and some tax advantages to the company providing it.
What ever happened to the City & Guilds Certification in the UK?
NB Yes I do include the technical needs of today as ‘practical’.


I think that young people are already discovering that their expensive degree has not proved the investment that they thought it would.
A 2.2 in Media Studies or Sociology is not going to make you stand out in the job market.
We were talking about this the other day and I thought that if you want to take a degree it would be a good plan to stay at home, get a job, if possible and do a degree from the Open University.
Over 20 years ago our daughter didn’t even look at Oxbridge as she wanted her degree to work for her and there she could only read straight German. She chose Bath and did a Double Honours in International business with German. She made a wise choice as she is doing very well indeed.