If you're stuck indoors TODAY... this might relieve the boredom

A friend gave me this link… I think it is a wonderful way to view the French countryside… Put it on Full screen for best effect


Do it quick, the replay only lasts 6 days. I watched it on TV last Wednesday and a second time online. Superb.

Aha… thanks for that info David… I did not realize…and I still haven’t got all the way through…(I am finally home now and intend to relax… so will make a point of seeing it all today.)

For now it’s on YouTube as well.

So many folk at the Show were talking about it… I simply had to check. Glad it is on YouTube as well… perhaps it will stay there longer… :relaxed: ( @Aquitaine … did you get there? )

I didn’t. I spent the day in the Dordogne but over to the East. Next year.

It was great fun, but exhausting… see you next year… :relaxed:

I stayed up late (for me) Stella watching it. Brought back many happy memories :slight_smile:

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