Ignored Users Function

Sometimes, when you’re at a dinner party, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your very own ‘eject’ button?! Just imagine being able to block out those who get on your pip, upset you, harass you or irritate you. Well you can - thanks to the great functionality of SF!!

Just tap your photo (top right of your screen), select the cogwheel icon below it, and then on the left hand menu panel click on ‘Users’. See the screenshot below. As you’ll see, I’ve already pressed the eject button for 3 of our dinner party guests and my quality of life has improved no end! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It stops me getting dragged into infantile, boring on screen battles and lets me concentrate on useful, quality discussions.


Bye Simon.


Very useful feature to have…bet the Queen wishes she had one :rofl:


Why would anyone want to suppress my riveting posts?:grinning:

Well as you’ve been supressed then you will never know, though I suppose that you have more than just an inkling as to why !

I’m assuming Simon didn’t like being teased Ann, it will though take more than a ‘forum user function’ to suppress me.:grinning:

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“This has been a public service announcement”

‘Know your rights’ by The Clash?

Bye Tim…

Are you off somewhere Peter?

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For anyone who is “off somewhere”

Let’s do things in style…:upside_down_face::hugs:


This may be quite an apt song …

Or even…

No, no please I beg you no…NOT The Sound of Music, feel a Floyd moment coming on, thank goodness :wink:


Why can’t everyone be friends ? :dizzy_face::wink::upside_down_face: ok, perhaps not…

Or perhaps…

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I was waiting for you to suggest I was Aunt Eller :crazy_face:

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Next you’ll be suggesting Little House on the Prarie :nauseated_face: :joy:

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Bonanza and Little Joe :heart_eyes: