I heard about iHerb through SFN, and was wondering about the success rate of acutally receiving vitamins and herbal supplements here in France. Has anyone used iHerb? What problems (if any) did you face with French customs and/or additional fees to receive your products?

Normally we buy our vitamins when we are in the States and just bring them back with us, but it looks as if we may be stuck in France this year so we need to try an alternative supplements source (ASS for short!).


We used http://www.naturesbest.co.uk while in the UK. A quick look at the website shows that they charge 10% of the order value for shipping to France. Have never tried, so don't know if there re any additional charges by the carrier as we tend to get the stuff delivered to friends in the UK who either bring it with them when they come here, or we pick it up when we visit them.

iHerb is a good source and as Catharine notes there is no shipping hassle to France. I also have supplements shipped from the states without problem, but you have to check the seller for their method of shipment. If they use UPS or FedEx, the carriers will collect tariffs and duty, at your door, for the French government. These can be quite disproportionate to the value of the products sent. If you can specify to the seller to use US Postal Service International Priority Mail status you will avoid this extra fee and delivery on this end will be handled by La Poste. Big Vits UK is another good source and they carry around 100 items of US brands. http://bigvits.co.uk/index.asp

This should probably have a thread all to its self, but I ate soya products - milk, margarine, ice cream and tofu - and reduced dairy.

If you can tell me what to eat to get through the onset of hormonal armageddon WITHOUT murdering any random family members, please do share :)

Seriously though Doreen, iherb stocks all kind of bio food / toiletry / pet care stuff. Utterly brilliant.

A friend who is a nutrionist / naturopathe put me onto iherb. Every time I use them I discover something else amazing....I have to hide my iherb habit from the OH!

Well this info has just totally made my day. I’m a Nutritional therapist and I had never heard of iHerb! Thankyou!

Same for me, have used iHerb many times and never any customs issues. The stuff takes about a week, if I remember right, and even with shipping is far cheaper than buying here or online from the UK.

Hi I've bought once from Iherb delivered to France and had no problems at all.

cool! thanks!

They are shipped via DHL and no, never had any customs charges to pay in the last four + years.

thanks for the code!

how do you have them shipped? (if there is a choice) and do you have to pay any additional customs charges or "n'importe quoi" when they arrive?

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Use them all the time and never, ever had a problem. (Touch wood!)