I'll scream and scream until I make myself sick

What were your favourite children's books?

I have three books currently in my library, 2 of which I haven't even started colouring in yet

I did a similar discussion in Franglais Kids a while back - mine is: The Worst Witch. My kids however love all the books by Julia Donaldson and so do I!

!!!! ;-)

didn't he end up with Jeremy Clarkson?

happy memories... Muffin the Mule ( they can't touch you for it! )

it's a cracker...Jack!

Vaguely, by the time Benny Hill was at his most popular I was deeply into music and had to leave the TV to the rest of the family. Mind you, the screen was so small that one person less was probably a blessing.

Brian, Brain the size of a warehouse ( spellchecker mode on )... indeedi....Do you remember a Benny Hill Spoof on the ad?....He, dressed as a schoolboy, hurls a brick oot the windee, cracking mum on the back of the head....followed by "Don't forget the fruit gums Mum!"

This is what its all about! that's the British humour...so it seems

He was also the Fruit Gums commercial boy... "Don't forget the fruit gums Mum!" first big role and all of his script, wotta memory, eh!

Just using the Googletron checking out Just William, Richmal Crompton etc. and found a forum which reminded me of the 70s TV show which Starred Dennis Waterman of Minder fame. I have to say, what a great guy! Many years ago whilst creative director of a PR firm, I approached Dennis to attend an open some youth facility. He freely gave up his time, for no fee and got actively engaged on the day. Thanks Dennis, bit late in the day, but I salute you. Stalwart!

only ever read 6 books ( low attention span ) was enough for me tho'

Cider with Rosie

Catcher in the Rye

The Wooden horse: Eric Williams

The darling buds of May

Pilgrim's Progress

The way of intelligence: Krishnamurti

Rotk├Ąppchen or Little Red Riding Hood. I was fascinated by the bit where the witch asked the girl to give her a finger to feel if she was fattened up enough to put in the the pot and the bone being offered instead. So I guess it would be the Grimms collection.

the scream from memory commenced with a lisp.... even more thcary!

Just William.... as you hint I can smell the mustiness of the books right now, and the superb 'not my class' illustrations.