Illegal construction adjacent to a historic monument

Is the construction of a structure without a permit, adjacent to a historic monument a criminal offence in France as well as a civil offence re the contravention / disregard of planning regulations?

My neighbour had done just that as well as undermine his house and risk undermining mine alongside. Sadly the Mairie watches on impotently.

Civil action is about to commence (thanks to my Protection Juridique ) but I’m told that in the UK this would also be a criminal offence?

Any experts out there in French Building regulations?

Also is there an equivalent role in France as the good old City Building Inspector?

Interesting question Alec

In my Commune, I know a chap had to demolish a building he had erected without permission… on an area where building was forbidden…
but I am not sure whether or not the Gendarmes were involved …

this link makes interesting reading…

If the Marie are unable/unwilling to act, then you could try writing a formal letter of complaint to the Prefect and send it by Recorded Delivery with Proof of Delivery.

Excellent - Thanks Stella
I have now downloaded the document and translated it if nyone want a copy by mail. (not sure what the copyright implications are here).

Regardless of whether an illegal structure is adjacent to a historic monument, building without a permit carries civil and criminal penalties, including heavy fines.
Both the Gendarmerie can be called in to act and the municipality has the right to demolish and recover costs.

I am aghast that your Mairie seem to be unaware of the legalities…

At the very least they should/could have gone “up” a level within local government… and official help/advice would have been provided to them…

Best of luck…

The same here.
We were at a dinner party last week and our Mayor was telling the story of someone who has been forced to demolish the building he erected without planning permission.
I would go to your local Prefecture if your local Mairie seems disinterested.