I'm expiring, please help!

My UK driving licence expires in August. I’ve tried to get the ANTS site to accept my request for a French Licence, but it’s been rejected.
The problem is, I cannot find any question/box/direction in the online process which enables you to state that the reason for the request is because of expiry - which is essential for acceptance.
Can somebody please tell me what to do/where to find this ?

I thought that you could only apply once your UK license had 6 months to run.

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You won’t be able to apply until precisely 6 months before the expiry date.

On one of the first screens when you log into ANTs there is a question on “motif” which gives the option of exchanging a foreign licence. This is what you select.

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Thanks Jane - and ykm71 - that’s the answer, then. The first screen gives the options, including’ échanger un permis étranger’ - but I did not find anything to follow the ‘expiry’ route.

Good, so that’s step one sorted. But you still might find it rejected as you have more than 6 months on your existing licence…

(And on one of the next screens don’t tick retraité apparently)

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If you have Facebook, I would recommend the group run by Kim Cranstoun - Paused at weekends so you won’t find it but can be found week days >> Applying for a French Driving Licence

Kim has contacts in the right places ! - Kim helped me help a friend who’s license was about to expire.


Thanks Peter - I had picked up on that link in a previous topic on SF . . . I will certainly keep her in mind if I get problems.

When you say about to expire,is this the photo date on the front or the actual licence expiry date on the back.Does anyone know what date they mean when they say leave it until 6 months before expiry?thanks.

Normally it will be the photo card date 4b - that date needs to be six months or less before the french authority (ANTS) will consider an application to swap it for a French license.
I believe if you are approaching 70 then the date 11 (driving category) will be the actual date your license expires (not just the photo card).

If you are approaching 70, all dates converge to the same one - the day before the 70th birthday - I can definitely confirm that! Other than that, 4b is the one to watch for the 6 month window, as @PeterJ quite rightly says.

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Does anyone know roughly how long they are taking to change licences lately,or when they might give you some idea if your application is being approved.Communication seems to be zero and the application just seems to sit there doing nothing.