I'm German, he's British. Brexit impact?

Hi all,
As stated above. We’re moving next month. Yes, during a pandemic! So what are the implications for Paul, 20 years married on moving day, post Brexit? Will there be advantages as a spouse of an eu member? Will he get easier access to the health service? Somebody’s got to have an incling…

If you are married then that’s fine. You are European so you keep freedom of movement, and he can be with you.

If you’re moving to France next month your husband will be able to apply for a CdS through the online system once he has been resident for three months.
I hope your crystal ball is accurate, I’ve not seen anything that suggests that the French borders will be open to people moving into the country that quickly. At the moment the carrot at the end of the stick is the possible lifting of restrictions to allow residents to travel within 100km of their homes. That’s a world away from opening up the country to business as usual.

Details are not certain yet as gov’t has said things could change if conditions improve or worsen. But this is the current indication that frontier will still be closed to all but essential travel.

Edouard Philippe a indiqué que "la fermetures prolongé des frontière (est une) conséquence négative d’un confinement prolongé " sans indiquer quand elles rouvriront.

En attendant, après le 11 mai :

  • S’agissant des déplacements inter-régionaux ou inter-départementaux, nous voulons les réduire aux seuls motifs professionnels ou familiaux impérieux.
  • Il sera à nouveau possible de circuler librement, sans attestation, sauf pour les déplacements à plus de 100 km de son domicile, qui ne seront possibles que pour un motif impérieux, familial ou professionnel et qui nécessiteront une attestation.
  • Le jeudi de l’Ascension restera férié “mais ce n’est pas le moment de quitter son département pour partir en week-end” a insisté Edouard Philippe.

Hi David,
I’ve checked with Cardiff, London and St. Brieuc, they all tell me that we are allowed to go.

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I think you might be in for a surprise. France is in a lockdown, the borders are closed to all except a very few people and people moving to France to settle are not on that list. None of the places that you have listed have the right to override the French government’s instructions.

The prefecture asked what the embassy in London said. I explained that we are travelling to our residence principale. Embassy said that so long as we have supporting paperwork all is good.

So you are already a French resident. That’s OK then. Your posts seem to suggest that you are moving over not already established. Hopefully you already have a a CdS or similar to show the ferry company to allow you to board.

I think there will be a certain amount of serendipity about getting through. It is a grey area as to whether UK nationals/ ressortissants britanniques are still considered as EU nationals during transition rather than third country citizens. In theory they should be as in you don’t actually need a CdS to live in France yet. So your attestation for international travel will be in the EU category so no CdS required.

However, the acceptance of this may well depend on the individuals you encounter at check-in/border control. Hope you don’t get a grumpy git.

And remember to pack a big picnic basket…no food or drink on ferries, motorway aires or open restaurants and cafés.

You don’t need to have a CdS to live in France yet but without one you will need some pretty convincing proof that you are a resident returning home. I cannot see how this is possible in this case.

Dear Jane,
Gov.uk and gouv.fr assure me it’s ok. We are travelling in 2 vehicles, with 4 dogs, 2 cats , 5 guinea pigs and enough of everything to self isolate for a fortnight upon arrival. Believe me, its a large logistical undertaking, but we have practice😉. Trailer and roof boxes included. Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve become a prepper😂. We have water but no electricity, and we’ve spent months every year like that for the last 20 years. Ok, we have 3 generators. And ikea made a fortune in candles. But I do thank you for your concerns. We are pretty imaginative and self reliant, I’ve had to spend years of my adult life in various building sites, my husband likes doing up wrecks. Sort of thing that’s 10 a penny in France…


Well at least the customs and immigrations people will be able to see that you are not simply returning home.

Hi Gudrun, good luck with your move and I hope you will be very happy, hope its a good journey for you and all your animals. Best wishes x


I second that- good luck with your move!

You have carried out the necessary checks so don’t worry about any armchair experts :smile:

It is a shame you will be living so far away from where I am. It would have been great to meet you and your deerhounds!

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It’s not a case of armchair experts, it’s a case of seeing the lockdown as it is. Making an international move at this time seems to be crazy to people who have been unable to move more than a few km from their homes for months.

You do exaggerate just a touch. We weren’t even placed in lockdown until 17th March, so it’s not even 7 weeks. And I don’t really see what relevance the fact that I have not been more that 1km from my front door has. I am not in the situation of having a contractual commitment to a house sale. If the new house was in the same country and less than 100km from the old one would you be so exercised? Probably not. So as long as they quarantine when they get here what’s the difference.

The whole balance that every country is trying to achieve is between reducing movement and keeping the economy going. So shutting down every single business transaction is not necessarily useful or indeed possible. Which is why there is an allowance for exceptional circumstances. They didn’t choose this situation, let them find the best way through it for them.


I think they are being very selfish. March to May is months in my book.

Thank you Jane. We’re not doing this cause we can’t think of anything fun to do, it’s a matter of necessity. And yes, we’re terrified of catching covid19. A lifetime of dreams and working for them, and it’s all jeopardised now. So much for a happy retirement.

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