I'm going for an operation on Monday, has anyone else had metatarsal osteotomy?

On Monday I will be having corrective surgery on my left foot, the arch has gradually collapsed over the last few years and despite many attempts to correct it with insoles it needs surgery. It's called metatarsal shortening surgery or (I think) metatarsal osteotomy. I'll also be having a bone graft.

I'm getting quite nervous! Has anyone else had this done?



Very good! Mobile now, just managed a shower. Wish I could say I was looking forward to lunch. Al being well I’ll be out of here tomorrow. Thanks for the entertainment :slight_smile:

oops - I should have added 'only when I laugh' :) cheers, James!

lol Peter! But you forgot - Happy Feet (aren't there several of those now?), Dr Dolittle, Big Foot, Foot Loose, the Australian series 'Flying Doctors', and the song 'these boots were made for walking' also springs to mind...

suggested films for James

Saturday Night Fever

Carry On Matron

The Big Sleep

Dr No

The English Patient

My Left Foot

et al.

Itching has stopped as I have stopped using the morphine drip. Pain is way down from yesterday. Had an xray and blood test earlier. Boredom levels very high! I do have so films on the laptop though :slight_smile:

Hi James, I hope all is going well, itch or pain?

Get a nurse to scratch where it itches :D

Will be in until Thursday, morphine is making me itch and im stuck in bed!

General is good to me, then you haven't a clue what's going on. Good luck again James and don't forget you need to lie on the sofa for a while, preferably with a supply of beers ;)

Hi James, I too am having this done soon and is the reason I'm not moved to France yet in addition to this I'm also having a medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy (heel bone cut, foot repositioned, as my heel sticks out to the right on my right foot, making me walk on my fallen arch) agony every day and told a 6 MONTH recovery process with just over 70% success rate. Was told that the first 3 months is a no-no for any weight bearing, so the way I look at it, it's 70% more than I have now as I can't do diddly and my world has got very small. Even though the op will incur pain at least it will give me and you look forward as having 24/7 chronic pain and not being able to walk/stand for very long, at least it will be pain for healing purposes. The important thing is to do exactly as they say so the work they do doesn't get undone as ops on feet are more intricate. Best of luck and please do an update, whoever gets it done first!!

Thanks everyone, (especially Stu!) I'll be having a general in Bayonne at the CHCB http://www.ch-cote-basque.fr/

Looks like you should have had surgery a long time ago...I have had 6 reconstructive surgeries on my feet and am glad I did....it was done over 5 yrs. I am sorry but forget the technical terms, but all but 1 baby toe have been operated & shortened. It takes a couple of wks to get really comfortable, but they will swell for months. The first time in 87 was the biggest surgery on both feet...the pain is pretty intense the first couple of days as you feel like the bones are "floating" around, so it is hard to walk, I crawled to the WC on my hands and knees...I was given wooden shoes so I wouldn't move the work that was done, and slept with my feet in a type of cage so that the weight of the blankets didn't press on the feet. You may want to make a cage type protection that you can sleep with before you go. Give yourself plenty of room for turning and both feet. I had mine done in San Francisco by a really great surgeon that taught others all over the USA. Where are you having it done? I need the name of a good "foot" dr here ...preferably in Bordeaux. Break out the wheelchair or crutches. Take care, any questions give me a call on my mobile 0663023542 or home 0557343291...

Don't know what came over me there :)

Stu - I don't know what to say!!!

Celeste - (indeed !)- yes, general for him - mainstream mood enhancers for me for the next three months...

Catharine. Just think that he is the best thing that ever happened to you and vice versa. Spoil him like he spoils you. Love him like he loves you. And......................WTF have I been drinking......courage James.

Can't wait...I just know he will be like Father Jack from Father Ted = stuck in a chair shouting ' feck / arse / drink"

lol Cate :)

Can I have some morphine too please? Sounds like I am going to need it....

Best of luck, James. Soon we'll be running the half marathon together, with your foot and my knee it may take a day but we can do it ;-)

Bon courage.