I'm hoping it's not here we go again

The last 10 days have been beautiful, blue skies and between 19 and 23C, all the fruit trees are in bloom, the blossom is really thick this year and lots of it, but from today it’s to get colder with Friday forecast for snow and 3-4 days of -1 to -3, the magnolia is stunning again but I hope unlike last year everything in flower does not get ruined by the cold snap and it ruins the fruit crop as we got virtually nothing last year due to the late frost :face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_frowning_face:

Same here. It is surprising how the different meteos view the forthcoming cold snap.

The braziers are ready in the vineyards…so they are not optimistic.

We are standing ready with our pile of fleeces to throw over everything small enough. Would be so nice to actually have a fruit crop this year!

We are due -8 Saturday night :snowflake:

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:confused: scary.

Great (not)!
That should kill off the remaining citrus trees!

Happily we do our gardening in an enclosed courtyard with high walls all around which give good frost protection, but I do feel for those who are in more exposed locations.
The forecast here is that it will just touch 0 deg in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A friend 10 miles north of us just sent me a video clip of snow falling in his garden.

Please ask him to keep it up there with him… and not let it move southwards… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Too late - just arrived here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Minus 6 forecast here for Sunday morning and about 3cm snow on Friday - the fruit trees are screwed, the tulips will stunt, last year bis repetita :unamused:

I think here in the Haut Jura our fruit trees have learned to start their blossom around Easter. so little is currently at risk…
Our neighbours do not normally plant veg until after Easter due to frost risk and because the ground has not warmed enough for good results.
This last week our next door neighbour snapped a fork and a pick axe handle because the ground is so dry and hard… so we badly need more rain!

Forecast here for Friday night and Saturday morning is 0C, 75kph winds and snow storm :tornado::wind_face::cloud_with_snow:. Bugger. The peach is in full blossom, the apple has copious new shoots and we’ve just planted two new clematis along with sweet peas :frowning::sob:

Well I suppose it is all ‘Climate change in action’.

In this bit of Haut Jura people wait until the saints de glace on 11/12/13 may have been and gone!

Forecast -2 tonight, with wind chill factor down to -6. We’re keeping the fleece manufacturers in profit.

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As I have recently discovered a “wild” avocado growing in a discarded pot on the back terrace… I took the the precaution to bring it indoors today… just as the hailstorm hit.
I got soaked, but the avocado is ok and now happily chatting to the rampaging dipladenia which is trying to conceal the wood pile in the hallway. :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, only a few inches of snow last night, but very cold. Got all the new fruit trees and the two new clematis wrapped with fleece yesterday. Just started snowing again and apparently it’ll be on and off with snow until tomorrow evening. The wind is howling as well, and the poor 20ft+ mimosa is bending alarmingly and has lost a lot of it’s beautiful yellow flowers down one side. Just hope the delicate buds on the new fruit trees survive.

We have a couple of inches too, and more forecast for several days yet.

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that the Préfet has given the go-ahead to burning (heating) amongst the vines and fruit trees… or is that just Professional situations ??

Snowed all night, and drifting, so patchy in places, melting then re-snowing here. In all, probably about 5-10 centimetres depending on where you tread. Typically, run out of heating fuel, and suppliers have decided they no longer want to deliver because the access track to the house has become too damaged thanks to the $$$$$%%%% facteur who thought he/she would be better off driving on the edge and promptly fell in the drain, getting stuck, damaging the track in the process, and requiring a tractor pull out. Good job we have an “insert”. Now, to find an electrician to rewire the old water heater back in… :rofl: