I'm new on here!

Hi, I’m Glen. Living in the Dordogne region of Aquitaine (24) with my wife Carol & our 5 dogs.

I work as a builder, currently converting barns & working on lovely old stone buildings, I’m also an accredited fosse technician, so if you have any questions about your system, fire them at me, I’ll do my best to point you the right direction.

My passion is my Harley Davidson 1550 FatboyWhich I ride as often as possible, I’m a member of a Limoge Harley Owners Group.

Hey, Glen.don’t know if your profile pic is a one off but, anyone ever told you that you look like Gene Kelly?

I will definitely do that Glen.

Happy New Year!

Hi Glen

I had a Harley Nightrain which I sold before moving to France. My dream Harley was a Fatboy, but the Nightrain was like new and a good price.

I spent many happy miles touring France a few years a ago, just with a map, panniers and a credit card! no planned routes. Just stayed where I happened to get too that night.

When funds allow a Fatboy is on the top of my shopping list. I think I got as much pleasure cleaning it as riding it. I know you will understand that !


Hi Glen, is it your bike that I see parked at the Intermarche in St-Agnan sometimes? My partner and I spend a couple of weekends a month near Hautefort and do the shopping for his family there. My partner is also a bike fanatic and admires yours every time he sees it. (that is only when he graces me with his company for the shopping trip, lol)

Wishing you and yours a great day!

Hi Glen. Nice to “meet” you. Love the bike - tres cool!