I'm not eating

Ok I’m taking a deep breath. I think I’ve just done really well.

I made little buffalo kofta kebabs for lunch with mashed potato and peas. I put a little piece of bread on the side. She normally loves sausage & these resemble sausage. She loves bread.

‘I’m not eating sausage’ she said. ‘ok. Eat whatever you like I said’ ‘Where’s the menu/La Carte’ she said ‘there isn’t one’ I said. ‘Menu, La Carte’ was then repeated quietly in a song for about 10 minutes whilst putting fingers into kofta meat & mashed potato. She didn’t touch the bread (well it wasn’t a french baguette so that’s probably why!)

9m old quietly and contentedly tucks into her bowl, one handful after the next. No teeth but she can still eat her buffalo kofta (without a stick of course)

‘Have you finished?’ I asked 2 year old? ‘yes, finished’.

Next I present her with a plate of fruit chopped and nicely presented, fresh Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon, Yellow Raspberries & Mango.

‘Not eating Mango, Not eating Pineapple, Not eating Melon, Not eating - whats this?’ pointing at Papaya ‘Papaya’ I explained - ‘try it it’s yummy’ I say enthusiastically. ‘Not eating Papaya’

‘Raspberries not pink’ she says, ‘I know they are special ones that are yellow, you are very lucky to have those, are they nice?’ ‘Not eating yellow Raspberries’. ‘OK - have you finished?’ I ask as she has now shredded all the raspberries on her plate & her watermelon has little finger holes in it.

‘Yes finished’.

Throughout all this my 9m old has polished off her main course and a whole bowl of fruit without any issue.

‘Siesta Mummy please’.

‘Of course’ and after wiping her hands off she went to bed.

Summary of food eaten…approximately 1 tablespoon of mashed potato.

I smiled through gritted teeth, I am now looking at 2 plates of wasted food. I will finish the non-mangled fruit but the raspberries are beyond my appetite now.

I don’t know how she grows, I really don’t.

And I still need ketchup with eggs!

Just don’t do as my mother did and add raw egg to a ‘milkshake’… I refused to eat eggs and she was convinced I would wither away without them. Despite the fact that I was, ahem, sturdy, to say the least. The memory still haunts me and I was 25 before I could face scrambled egg. I still don’t do the white bit - yeurch!

fruit is never a problem, she’d eat 100% fruit if I let her! It’s the meat and vegetables that are typically difficult. Mmm we’ve tried ketchup but that results in her sticking her fingers in the ketchup & just eating that and nothing else!
I will keep trying though, I sneak cheese into her omelette and she doesn’t notice so at least that’s one way I can get things into her. Today she noticed the peas hidden inside the penne pasta & picked them all out - not eating peas!

Well in that case, I find a good dose of ketchup usually works… :slight_smile:

As cunning as a cunning fox. And they will probably still defeat you!

Could you blend up all the fruit to make a nice smoothie?

Same for the rest, cut it all up and hide it in the mash. You have to be cunning…

we had salmon with ‘ballerina’ noodles - which went down quite well. Ballerina because it twirls on your fork - I’ll try anything to get her to eat!

Nathalie was going to make Pizza last night until I told her that I’d had one for lunch. So we had steamed salmon with potatoes and very nice too, but boy did I get it in the neck from our two (20 and 18). Pizza tonight then!!

brilliant. Do they do Christmas Nativity Play’s in France?

The final straw was that being cute, blonde and personable, she was picked to be the chief Angel in the nursery nativity play. A friend made her a really cute tinsel decked angel outfit. All was fine until the day itself when she refused to go on stage unless she wore the flipping dinosaur shoes. After a massive tantrum, we gave in and the chief angel clod-hopped her way onto the stage and clumped her way through the performance.

now I have my head in my hands…this has to come out on her wedding day in many years to come…if not just to embarrass your mother! still giggling…

I had to buy the pants specially. Along with Clarks dinosaur shoes for boys which had flashing dinosaurs in the soles. My mother was convinced she was becoming a lesbian and found it extremely stressful…

oh by the way I am cooking ratatouille :slight_smile:

oh the good old days :slight_smile: My 2 sons are here to visit, I have been shopping and decided to make a lovely ratatouille :slight_smile: yummy, came home from work, boys asleep on the canapes :slight_smile: so sweet and to be told they dont like ratatouille, they even asked who does like it ??? Suzanne they are 26 and 24 respectivley lol, it never stops !!!

@Catharine,you really should post that on Facebook. I’m still laughing.

laughing at the thought of the Action Man underpants - why did u even have those???

It could be I guess, she does keep saying ‘Jasmine’s a little girl, Izzy’s a baby, Jasmine’s not a baby’ which may be her trying to sort everything out in her mind.

She also has little nightmares at the moment bizarrely about ‘what am I going to wear mummy?’ Twice now she’s woken up or been unable to go to sleep until I explain what she can wear the next day. I’m thinking of letting her choose her outfit for tomorrow, tonight to see if that helps.

Where’s the bl**dy textbook that tells you how to know all this stuff?!?!

Just a thought - is this maybe an attention thing cos Mummy is pregnant? Tilly went through a stage (pregnancy related) of only replying if I addressed her as Thomas…and insisted on wearing Action man underpants!