IMHO if Trump wins we're all goosed

Possibly the election interference (porn star) case, but stealing classified documents, trying to find votes (Georgia and other states) and starting an insurrection are difficult to ignore unless one is truly under Trump’s spell.

So, is attempted insurrection an ‘official presidential act’ ? Is trying to bribe or threaten an official to ‘find 12000 votes’ ? . The retention of documents can’t be an official presidential act as it happened after he left office.

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Expect much more of the same omnipotence if Trump become president again. :rage:

It’s an absurd, hairsplitting judgement by a partisan court. No elected official in any country should be immune from prosecution for an illegal act, whether it was done in a official capacity or not. If they broke a law, they broke a law.

This ruling gives Trump free rein to jail his political opponents and do all sorts of worse things if he is re-elected - all he now has to do is claim he is acting “officially” as President.


The USA has always felt to me to be a neurotic country which is why I have never wanted to visit. If a manic 45th president gets to be president again at the hands of questionable supreme court justices, nothing could be uglier in my opinion.

I heard Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts say that his court is non-partisan. He lied!


I’ve read that Mike Pence will testify against Trump in September. Silver lining

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Just listen to these Justices in former days….! Another channel, the MeidasTouch, considers these Justices as having committing perjury, and that includes John Roberts himself.

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A plea to vote Democrat, in relation to the USA Supreme Court.

Push past the advert midway!

This could go down as the year the Democrats screwed America for at least a generation and possibly forever.

The problem is not only that Biden is a disaster, but that there is no-one else who can meaningfully take on Trump.

And the later they leave it, the less traction an alternative democrat candidate will have.

Every day I fire up the BBC and Guardian websites I keep hoping I’ll find they’ve both died (natural causes of course).


Lead poisoning?

No. That’s no solution.

I’m glad I’m not the only one :smiling_face:


There is a deadline - August 7. The nominating convention in Chicago opens on Aug. 19 but the party approved rules to hold a virtual roll call before Aug. 7, to work around an Ohio law that required all presidential candidates to be legally certified by that date in order to appear on the November ballot.

I (and others much more importantly) feel there are some excellent candidates in the wings, they are just reluctant to make a move that may seem disloyal to a leader they admire personally. The president needs to step aside willingly, something the old fellow seems reluctant to do. The only way Biden can be forcibly removed from the ballot without his consent is if a majority of about 4,000 delegates decided that he shouldn’t be the nominee, asserting that they have somebody better.

Several sources suggest candidates from numerous corners but I like the letter in NYT by veteran James Carville telling it straight and suggesting the Democrat choice be limited to eight

A word about those delegates: I trust them to reach a majority decision at the convention after a public and substantive process like this one, and you should, too. Sure, we’ve got some folks on the fringes, God love ’em. But an overwhelming majority of Democratic delegates are pragmatic patriots. They work hard and care deeply about their communities and our country. They come from small towns and big cities and everywhere in between.

hard choices must be made, given the tight timetable, and I think leaning on the input of former presidents makes good sense. So I would advise Presidents 42 (Clinton) and 44 (Obama) to select eight leading contenders out of the pool of those who choose to run, with Ms. Harris most definitely getting a well-earned invite.

To be clear, we have a lot more than eight Democrats who could beat the pants off Mr. Trump. But if we don’t limit the town halls to a manageable number of people, we’ll get sound bites, not substance.

The talent is there. If Biden can find his inner Zen and step aside for his party and the future of democracy in the US, he will be written into history as the greater man.

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asked how he’d feel if he clung on in the race then lost to Trump. “As long as I gave it my all, and did as good of a job as I know I can do,” Biden judged, “that’s what this is about.”


Surely, the US president represents the people, he’s not an appointed autocrat. “I”, “I”, “I”! Sorry, ageism aside, there is a power issue here.

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Some comic relief

He needs to go now…

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