Recently I enquired about a house asking if there were any further photos I could see as the ones on the listing were a bit scarce. Very politely I asked two or three times and finally was told by an delightful english lass "No" the agent had told her. I'm afraid my temper got the better of me and I sent a not too polite email saying amongst other things "we as buyers pay a lot of money to the agent and therefore we hope (and expect!) service" If the property was a long distance away why did they take it on. I said a few other things too but it has obviously been to my disadvantage as the agent will not respond to my emails and when I did manage to get an answer on the phone (which incidentally the ad says english speaking) her response was totally in french and too fast for me to follow. My gut tells me she recognised the number but I could be wrong.

We really want to see this property but it is advertised through Green-acres who just pass it on to the client whose name and number I have but it's getting me nowhere.

Any suggestions anyone please?

Yes I've done that but to no avail. Anyway in the last two minutes I've managed to raise a very helpful person on the phone and wheels are starting to turn. However, the only information I've managed to glean is that the agent I was

trying to contact is no longer dealing with this property! Mmm

You could try using Google Image search to see if it is being advertised elsewhere on the internet.