Impassioned speech from Mick Lynch

That last time I was in a trade union was when I had a summer job as a bus conductor on the 109. Since then I’ve paddled my own canoe, but with the rise of the gig economy I do think workers, once again, need protection through strength in numbers. Mick seems to think so too🙂


If you had picked anyone but Lynch, I’d agree with you 100%!

The gig economy is playing havoc in society, yes, but I am sorry, they should not be championed by a lout who is inciting people earning £70k p.a to wreck their industry and a country’s infrastructure.

I cannot watch ‘sorry we missed you’ and have a vision of Lynch in my mind - Pat Cullen, yes but not Lynch🤣

Mr Lynch is an angel compared to the likes of Scargill, McGahey , Jimmy Reed & co.


I second that


Thanks for that Adam, I hadn’t watched it.

I’m not usually a pro union person (having watched the people Peter mentions above in action), and Mick is a bit rough around the edges and does veer off on occasion into some stuff that in the past I would have considered loony left. But I believe he is sincere, that he has integrity and that he is a passionate and committed leader who cares for the wellbeing of his people (that puts him ahead of every Tory in Westminster). In my opinion that’s what working class people, especially those exploited in the gig “economy” need today. No other trade union leader I have seen comes near to him in terms cool headed, articulate and fearless delivery of his position. I think his strength is bolstering all the other union leaders fighting for their members today. Certainly Mr. Wishy-Washy Starmer’s no bloody help. Cometh the hour, cometh the man :slightly_smiling_face:

With the benefit of hindsight I think one can safely now say that what has wrecked the rail industry and infrastructure was privatisation, profiteering and poor regulation. None of that is the fault of the workers.

Sure some, very few I would guess, may earn £70K but the vast majority of members are on far less and they voted to strike and loose their own pay as a result. That must be very difficult with inflation biting. In my opinoin the £70K is just slimy Tory propaganda.

This is rather long, but worth a watch as you can see Lynch in action with his peers. He’s streets ahead of them and more than a match for the fat, dumb and lazy Tory politicians he’s faced with. If I remember correctly, the issue of high pay does come up.