Implications of being a conjoint collabrateur for an AE Business

Hi Guys,

Do anybody have any info on the financial impact of me becoming a conjoint on my wife's Auto Entrepreneur business. I don't want to get into the situation where we are basically pay twice the 13% of turnover that she is currently paying. Normally, I would not mind paying extra RSI etc. but I am already paying RSI for a SARL that I am Gerant of despite it never trading.

Any help or advise would be very helpful.

Thanks in anticipation.

Thanks Catharine. Dictionary in hand, will pick my way through this site.

Here you are Sheila -

emails and the French - they're either very good and reply or never even check them, things have improved enormously in recent years but some still never check and only ever use the phone. everything used to be 100% phone calls or face to face even though people had email addresses!

Thanks Andrew, and thanks again Tracy. Will have another look at the whole situation. In Ireland, I was able to get the tax/social welfare people to consider Henry as my dependant, which suited everyone. Only one return, etc. I'm not given to prevarication, but might wait and see what level of interest we get. I did send an email to the accountant who was recommended by some members here in my old post (about what do we need to do, now that we are living here.....etc), but she didn't reply. In fact, I find that a lot of French do not reply to emails, which I find odd, as normally I find all the French people we know to be friendly and courteous.

Yep, watch out Sheila, accountants in France aren't really the same as in the UK/Ireland. Sounds like a good case for setting yourselves up as an AEs for the teaching work and OH for painting lessons, sales etc. They system is so cheap and easy compared to most others and everything can be done on line plus there are plenty of us here to help if you have questions ;-)

Sheila - There is a special caisse for artists and authors - remind me tonight and will find it for you x

Hi Sheila, I would probably look at setting up me as gite for holidays, very regular situation, not too complicated and have secondary AE occupation offering English lessons. Hubby to set up as separate AE offering painting lessons.

Don't know if this is the correct way to do it but would certainly look at it, check out the rules and take it from there? Please note - I am not offering professional advice, just offering a suggestion as which way to start.

Good luck

Oh, that's tricky! So understand about checking everything out before you declare in all honesty. I really don't have any idea on that one - we need Finn for the details. The problem is that in France, if you are working in any circumstances at all, you have to pay very expensive cotisations.

The obvious answer is that, yes you have to pay them - Finn - are you out there?

Hi Tracy. We are relative newbies in France. Here less than a year. General trend round the kitchen table at the moment is to take in paying guests who want to learn English (I have a TEFL cert). There seems to be some demand for this, and we hosted foreign students for years in Dublin, so have a good idea of the pros and cons of having strangers in your home and catering for all types. IN hand with that, Henry is thinking of offering painting hoidays. Same idea, they come and stay and have lessons, etc. That's where we are at for now. Have already contacted 4 schools, and have put a link up on Henry's website,

I'm not sure an accountant is the best way to go,they tend to recommend what will benefit them the most. We rely very heavily on the C de Metier for my husband and the CCI for me - is there a separate body for artists that could advise you?

What are you going to set up as?

Hi Tracy,

My wife runs a mobile Fish and Chips restaurant (Van) and I help out. It has come to my attention that I should be registered but have had my fingers burnt before, by leaping before I looked (and I'm still paying for the consequences). So I want to be really sure what it is going to cost me (us) before I sign up for anything.

I am paying for my own cotisations through a SARL which I am gerant and the company has never traded but still in existance. So I don't want to pay cotisations thru the SARL and then again for being a conjoint.

Any advise would be greatfully received.


Thanks for the reply Tracy. I feel another expense coming on - looks like, because of our situation, we may well have to pay an accountant, to make sure we both get properly registered, as whatever!

Would love to help Sheila - but know nothing whatsoever about artists and not quite into the retirement stuff yet! If you set up as AE, your husband can be your 'ayant droit' if you can prove he is earning nothing in his own right. It is extremely difficult to prove this as the French authorities do not believe that a woman (and a mother of young children) can support her husband. I know this from experience but they did believe me in the end.

How evident is it that he sells paintings? There may be a special statut for artists as it is so irregular.

Hi Tony,

Send me a few more details about what you do and I'll see what I can think of - there really are very few cases where it is worth becoming a CC - though I'm sure Finn can think of a few ;-o

PS - Where's your piccy?

Thanks Tony. Would be happy to read more about this topic. My husband is a professional artist, and prior to moving to France, I worked as a Legal Executive, so all social contributions were in my name as artists were exempt from tax, etc. in Ireland. Not sure what way we want to structure it now. Not much in the way of sales for the paintings, so should I include him if I set up AE status for myself? He is 62 now by the way, which I think might be relevant. Hope Tracy or others with more information can give us a bit more. Thanks.

Hi Tracy,

Normally I would agree with you but I work alongside her and am quite visible to all and sundry. I am a bit reluctant to pay twice for the same healthcare etc. but it looks like I have no choice. I wondered about invoicing her for my time through the SARL but not sure how legal that is.



Don't do it - there are no benefits whatsoever! if you are totally dependent on your wife, you are entitled to healthcare as her conjoint anyway. The only advantage to it, is that you get retirement benefits in your own right but is it worth paying out 3000€ a year?

Just don't tell anyone that you answer the phone, help with the accounts etc.