Implications of owning two homes in France

This is just a query. We are permanent residents in France .I am 65 and my wife is 62.We are wondering what the implications are of owning two homes in France . Taxes ect.

Hi there … for 2 homes in France… One of the homes must be designated as your Residence Principal…and all and every official document will come to this address. The other home then becomes Maison Secondaire.

When selling Residence Principal there is no capital gains on any profit… when selling Maison Secondaire… there is.

Taxe Foncière x 2
Taxe d’Habitation x 2 (if both houses are habitable)
2 x lots of standing charges for Water, Electricity, etc etc
2 x lots of Property and Contents Insurance
1 x TV licence (covers both homes)

and the rest depends on what you have…

This should give you a rough idea… others will chip in with more detail… or correct me if I am wrong…:smiley:

Just to add - certain communes have a surtax on the taxe d’habitation for second homes. There aren’t that many and they tend to be tourist hotspots and/or towns with a severe housing shortage. The list tends to grow year by year so I suggest you google to find an up to date list and then avoid buying your second home in those places if you don’t want to pay the surtax.