Import Car? Done

We are triumphant, we are giddy… we have imported our car into France from the UK and we have the paperwork (and the new registration number) to prove it… All we have to do now is walk merrily into the ‘plate-making shop’

Best of all, with all the organisation it entailed i didn’t realise til now there’s no annual road tax to pay! Ha!

Anyone with any questions about how to do this - I’m at your service…

(and thanks to all who helped me)

x teresa

La Maison Verdigris

Well done, you made it sound so easy! Shop around for insurance, the prices vary hugely. Price comparison sites do exist but you will be hassled for months afterwards!

erm, yes i have done all the research - i think it’s a bit crazy to try only one insurance broker… it is a competitive market don’t you think?

yes, thank you sheila - goodness don’t you sound like a local - and here was me showing off that i knew it all… our local plate making shop is in the beautiful bastide town of revel - a mere 10 minutes away, so i’ll be grand… plus - there’s not a hope i’ll move house or department… i’ve found quite the nicest place in the world!

Hi Teresa. Congratulations! Just call in to your nearest garage. If they don’t have the equipment to do up the plates, they should know where you can get it done. Our local garage (7 miles from here - local!?) has all the equipment. Remember, it’s much more common here to have to change plates, e.g., if you move from one department to another.