Import tax?

Totally agree Mark … I would add (if that’s OK?)


They did know the full facts, these being that everything that goes wrong in the UK is the fault of interfering foreigners, and that England will be better off without them, so send 'em back where they came from.

And the consequences will be that:

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Tomorrow, just you wait and see
There’ll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
Tomorrow, when the world is free

The shepherd will tend his sheep
The valley will bloom again
And Jimmy will go to sleep
In his own little room again.

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Jane,Stella and Tracey, thank you for your help :hugs:

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(must admit… I’m intrigued to know what you are thinking of buying… ) :thinking::relaxed:

Jim often buys small electrical items needed to keep our computers etc. going.
They are usually of small value and he does not pay tax and they arrive much quicker than if they came from France.

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Just window shopping at the moment :thinking:

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I enjoy window shopping very much … even if I rarely seem to get through the door… :crazy_face:

T Reeves - why ? Wouldn’t it be UP TO THE UK itself to determine what import taxes a SOVEREIGN country chooses to impose on items arriving for import into the UK ?
As a sovereign country, outside of the eu and NOT being bound by any eu regulations the UK might - or might not - decide NO TAX on items under £500. But it will be for the UK to decide, won’t it ?

I can not see why Import duty would be dropped and not still apply, but yes I agree the rate would be up to the UK to decide.

PS you can call me Tracey :wink:

@TigerLily Keep your hair on! No need to shout…


Bonjour Veronique - I’m sorry, you’re quite right; should have taken time to underline or italic - but was in a hurry - apologies - didn’t mean to shout.
But I do get irritated when it seems to be forgotten, no matter what our feelings about Brexit, that once the UK ‘leaves’ it will be up to the UK how it chooses to impose taxes. Not on these posts so much, but when I read other forums there does seem to be the feeling that the UK won’t be able to make any decisions about running the country to suit the UK itself, rather than accepting orders from the eu.


Tracey - thank you - and apologies for shouting, wasn’t really meant the way it came across - was in a hurry and didn’t think.


Not a problem…x

It might be up to the Uk to decide, but if it wants to keep trading with other countries it might find that there is much less room for manoeuvre than has been promised. Basically all the politicians have been lying about the complexity of this for the last 3 years. In terms of import taxes, there will be pressure to fall into line for fait competition. And for many other things it will be a choice whether go down the US route (ie chlorinated chicken) or the EU route (environmental regulations)

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Funny I thought that for the most part the Disunited Kingdom was and is a sovereign country. There’s EU laws and there’s DUK laws and sometimes they’re both. For your further elucidation see

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From our experience whether you have to pay inport tax on goods from outside the EU depends on the value.

Have bought numeorus low value items via Alibaba, Ebay etc and not been charged import tax, have bought a few large value items and have had to pay import tax .

The 150€ seems to fit with our experience, don’t know about the perfumes, tabacco and alchohol though.


The old Tit for Tat - how childish on Trump’s Part.
One thing though I do know about Americans is that if they want something enough they will get it.
Albeit imported French Cheese and Champagne with a hefty price tag.
Some will even find these products even more desirable because of it, so they can brag about how much their refined taste buds cost them, when buying such delicacies! :yum:

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