Importing horses to France

Anyone who have imported horses from another EU country into France? We are now living in Belgium but might move to France in a couple of months. Have heard a rumor that France should be really difficult in terms of acceptance, paperwork etc..... I am not talking about importing "un mass", just our own two horses:-) They, of course, have all necessary vet certificates, passport etc.

Afraid you could hardly get further from my friends who are based near Angers. Pity, as I know they'd be willing to help if they could. But neither of them has the time to get involved in a long e-mail exchange -- she's a consultant anaesthetist who works non-stop and he runs the stud on his own and also works non-stop! Moreover they only speak very basic English.

Assuming you speak French, I'm reliably informed that here's where you will find the info you want on taking part in French national events If you trawl through the site you will find the answers to more questions about horses in France than you knew existed!

As my friend said -- bonne chance!


Stefan, where will you be going to in France? If anywhere near my friend's place I could ask if they would be happy to talk to you direct. If I understand them correctly they breed and prepare three-day eventers so there'd clearly be a link.

I spoke to a friend who has a stud and knows someone who regularly imports horses from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, bringing them in with her own horse trailer, and she has never had a problem. But the paperwork has to be perfect. May have more later but to start with my friend mentions the horse's "livret", which I assume is the passport, containing all the information about the horse, veterinary and identity checks, proof of up-to-date vaccinations and so on. The horse also has to have an electronic ID "puce" (same as for cats and dogs) inserted in its neck and the driver has to have "la carte du proprietaire" proving ownership.

It is not a big problem! Haras Nationaux are very helpful and I think the paperwork is very straightforward. Since 2011 it is even easier, if the horses have a EU passport no new "signalement" is needed. The vet only confirms that it is the right horse!

Hi Stefan,

I live in the Aude (11) dept of France, and I keep a horse at a stud farm run by a Belgium family, I know that they transport their young horses backwards and forwards to Belgium all the time - don't know if they would transport your horses for you (always a possibility if they were coming back with an empty lorry and for a sensible fee) but I could ask them about the paperwork. From what I know of friends that have transported horses from the UK, it hasn't been a problem if you have all the necessary paperwork!