Importing trailers via ANTS

Has anyone recently tried to use the ANTS site to import a trailer? Some months back I tried to start the process and got a certain part of the way but cannot for the life of me find the correct section now. If anyone has done this recently, I would be very grateful for your input!

If you want to send me the info @cat , I’ll have a look when I’m at work tomorrow.


Brilliant thank you!!

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What sort of trailer are you trying to import?

An Ifor Williams horse trailer.


the procedure is the same as for registering a car.

A couple of potential problems though:

a. do you have a CoC for the trailer, although I’m not sure a CoC issued in the UK is still of any use;

b. the French don’t understand the concept of a trailer not haveing a registration document from the country you are importing the trailer from. We had this exact problem when importing a caravan from the UK and we had to ask the Chef d’Equipe at the Prefecture to intervene. How this works when trying to register via ANTS is anybody’s guess;

c. if you don’t have a CoC (or the French won’t accept a UK CoC) you have to go throuch the individual import procedure which will involve having the trailer weighed, brake, hitch, lighting etc. checked by the DRIRE (or whatever they are called these days).

Probably not much help, but you will have some idea of the scale of the problem

Thanks for that Graham. This will be our 6th or 7th trailer so I know the routine but…this is the first time I have had to do it via ANTS and it is defeating me!

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Don’t forget your secret weapon…at your service :wink:


I will message you tomorrow! Xx

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HI Cat,
You did message me a while back, I think, just as the brexit rush set in.
If you have an ANTS account go in to your vehicle section, select the “Faire un autre demande” option.
On the next page select “immatriculer pour la premiere fois…” then “immatriculation d’un vehicule d’occasion…”.
In the next box write “Immatriculer un remorque anglais svp.” - this usually tips them off that no registration certificate will be available.
After the rest of the boxes have been completed you need to add a scan of your proof of domicile, a bill of sale containing the details of the seller & buyer, the trailer details & its VIN number, & either a certificate of conformity or a DREAL attestation.
Some of the above have to be selected from the drop down list or added as an “autre piece”.

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Thanks Mark.

In the end the lovely @DeTolkTW came to my rescue and I realised from speaking to her that the main issue was that the site didn’t function fully on mobile devices. An hour and a half later and using his laptop, James and I managed to complete the process. He did have to resize a pdf or something - user friendly the site is not!

Mind numbingly awful but it is done!


Yes, sorry for my late response - been busy with those to whom Brexit came as a surprise (what - leaving the EU? Nobody told us!)
Still am while some SIE offices will issue pre Brexit arrivals with a quitus fiscal.
I’m sure the advice will assist others though.

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Glad you got it sorted @cat. It was lovely to catch up too xxx

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I bought a kitchen trailer in the UK in 2015 and towed it home to here in France
It’s Nice & clean, had the original documents with full specs from a reputable known UK manufacturers
It was built in 2011. Cost me a lot less than the 9000£ it originally went for, I was very happy…but

The dreal would not immatriculé it. Apparently it had the wrong kind of towbar. I tried to buy a replacement towbar but nothing doing. Not one French company is able to sell me a suitable towbar. An import won’t do.

It’s a nightmare. Still sitting in my garden unused.