Impot returns 2015

Am I correct - this next declaration for 2015 will be coming out on paper as the past...then it's 2016 income onwards that has to be declared online

Reckon you may be correct Tansy...I have already rec'd my paper 2015 desclaration...


Thanks Mickey...I'll give it a couple more days & if nothing happens I'll pop in hotel des impots!

It depends on what your income is and specifically your "revenu fiscal de référence" (RFR) which you will find on page one of your tax statement in the "vos reférénces" box. This year it is compulsory for people whose RFR is above €40,000 to file online. That will change next year. However, it specifically says on page one of this year's tax return form that "si vous estimez ne pas etre en mesure de le faire, vous pouvez continuer à utiliser le présent formulaire" (if you feel you are not in a position to do this, you can continue to use this form). This may only apply this year, as documents I have seen say that failure to file online will incur a €15 fine but this will be waived for this year only.

There are a number of get-outs, however, starting with "I don't know how to use a computer"!

Read this article: and follow this link

Basically most people seem to think that the government may want us to file on line but they don't have the means to make us do it or fine us if we don't.


Wondered if anyone had an English speaking contact at the tax office in Soyeaux Charente. As want to register our business. We are still based in uk and have started a gite. Not sure how to or what form to set up as. Income expected to below 5000euro. Cheers