Impots dot gouv refund scam - watch out!

I have received an e-mail from "L'assistance Gouv", heading: "Attention Votre compte impots gouv." The body text of the message suggests that I am eligible for a tax refund of 187 euros ... nice! and a link of course! HOWEVER ...

look at actual sender: it is: ""

AEGEAN AIR????????? from the French Government Taxman? I don't think so,

clearly a SCAM, I don't go any further than that, watch out all.

FRANCE IS FULL OF SCAMS LIKE THIS! more than I ever used to get in England. It doesn't help my impression of 'never trust a Frenchman' ... where did they get my detail to talk to me about tax???

You are quite right to outline a potential issue but I would simply suggest nothing more sinister behind it than the usual 'phishing' expedition.

Given that a high majority of French residents now complete their tax returns on-line, it's a fair bet that someone may not notice the inconsistency and believe it is genuinly from the fisc.

I very much doubt they will have had access to 'privileged' info from the fisc, to be honest.

The internet is full of scams, full stop, it's not just France.

This one was obviously not sent by anyone who knows anything about French taxes or they'd know it's too soon for refunds. Maybe they'll try again in September.