Impots Professionelle (& the new equivalent)

My avis this year (as the tax changed from the old professionelle to the new mouthful of words) shot up from a couple of hundred euros to over a thousand.

Our business can't really support that, so I've been digging on the internet and I discovered that if you are registered with Gites de France you are exempt from Taxe Prof.

We registered with GDF this summer, and the savings of not having to pay this tax covers the joining fee and then some, even if you don't expect extra business because of the convention.

Hope that's useful info for some of you.


Also, when we first joined we used their booking service, but I considered the commission on rentals was far too high and was basically cannibalising income from my own marketing. So now I'm 3 epis, but do the bookings myself so only pay the annual membership.

Ours too, we were shown the range of prices that they recommend, based on similar properties in the area (ie the competition) but were free to set our own.

How strange - I wonder if it is a departmental thing... or maybe a new ruling??? There are cheaper B&Bs around here but also dearer ones so we feel we reflect what we offer is fairly competitive price and value wise. GDF have never questioned it.

We came out of GDF simply because we were not getting a return on the investment - like you hardly anyone came via them, but in light of whaat Claire said about exonneration from prof. tax we will approach them for registration again... it will be interesting to find out if they say anything different this time round.

Very interesting Jackie - most of the B&Bs around here are low quality, charging around 45 - 55 euros per night. we're charging between 75 and 85 and guests are saying that we're soooo reasonable! GDF said that 85 was too much, and so on their site we're only 75, luckily hardly anyone comes via that channel.

Hi Yvonee, Ours was awarded 3 epis but no restrictions were mentioned our prices range from 65 to 110 euros - interesting!

That's useful to know Jackie. they didn't tell me that. They restrict your prices according to how many epis they award you. For example one of my rooms was graded 3 epis, which meant that there was a ceiling on how much I could charge for 3 epis. I think it does depend on the departement. Here in Champagne they're wanting to build up tourism as we're seriously behind other wine growing areas.

We were with GDF 5 years and they accepted the prices we charged no problem - they never gave any scales - maybe it's a department thing?... the only catch we found with them was that if you apply for grants you have to maintain your membership 5 years for b&b and 10 years for gite and that they have priority bookings. Best not to go for the subvention as it gives them control over your bookings and they take a percentage of the rental.

hope this helps...

I had no idea that Gites de France restrict you on what you can charge, what are their scales?

Is this not restrictive practice and contrary to the EU?

Is this restriction to help the french farmers who let out their gites with a towel you can read the paper through, like the one we rented when we were house-hunting?

We also have good contacts with the international market and want to run our Little House on a word-of-mouth basis, but who knows what is going to happen to that in view of the economic state

I want to know what happened to the Liberte, part of Liberte. Fraternite and Egalite!

I understand what you mean Jane. They restrict you on how much you can charge per room, regardless of market forces, which I don't like. We registered because of the trust factor only and to have their sign outside, but they bring me extremely little business, so it doesn't matter. Shortly after joining, I decided I didn't want to serve the French market and tailored my marketing to the international community which works very well for me.

However, ibeing a member does keep me in the loop with what's going on locally, and entitles me to attend events and glean market information. And this tax thing looks like another good reason to be in also. GDF also offer subventions for improvements to the B&B which I'm planning to take advantage of next year. Watch this space.

Swings and roundabouts, I guess :-)

Thanks for this info Claire.

We really don't want to register with Gites de France, but don't want to pay more tax either.

Rock and a hard place!

hi Claire, I never knew this... like you our taxe prof is over a thousand and shot up in recent years, also last year we were asked to pay back years from 2008.

We were with GDF from 2005 until 2010 as we found we did not get many bookings from them so didn't renew. Can you point me in the direction of where you got this information and the legal statement saying you don't have to pay?



Pleasure, you too!

Thank you Claire, have a wonderful day today :-)

Here you go:

That's really useful thank you Claire. I registered with GDF this year too, so will tell my accountant. Can you give us the link to this information on the net svp. Thank you :-)