Need to complete tax forms for first time. Any input would be sppreciated…what to do, what not to do,can I download forms, is one form for a couple allowed or advisable, if so. Anything thst might make it a less painful experience would be appreciated.


We went to our local office with all our documents and they were really helpful in helping us complete our forms correctly. We do on line now.

absolutely Suzanne, I know it's a very busy time of year for the advicefrance team, but I believe they have many Expats on their books who may have Gites or letting rooms absolute quagmire of regulations fiscally, speaking.

Our own tax affairs are quite complex, with UK issued SASS pension etc. which is why we find them so helpful, also Sarah's depth of knowledge and 'Nationality' is a benefit....dare I say it, she knows how the revenue 'thinks' and acts accordingly ...just a bit beyond normal compliance, I would say.

agree Ron, also if you use any helpers like domestic aide like I did last year when I had problems surrounding the birth of my 2nd child then you get money back...we wouldn't have known that.

Or if you add isolation, woodburner, green or eco additions to your house you get some of that back too. Well worth the money.

Hi again, I've just been corrected and my wife ( our number cruncher ) tells me that we pay annually between 185 and 200e, to Sarah Verdrenne at advicefrance and as you say, an invaluable service.... not just the fact that she understands all the different 'Parts' involved in establishing your tax status here, but handy hints such as 'please advise of any new accounts opened in the last 12 months' an element one might perhaps otherwise forget.

NB The revenue will fine you 1500 euros if you fail to disclose such info!!! and there's no ' I didn't realise' get outs...

Hey Suzanne, we have been with Sarah for some 8 years, haha....she's great!!!

we pay around 150-200 euros for Sarah Vedrenne's team at - she does our return & last year saved us far more than her fee as we were entitled to money back which we would never have known about without her. She speaks fluent English too which is a bonus for anything complicated.

Hi, we pay about 250 euros a year, and only have to collect the 'tax certificates'. The French tax system, in my opinion is so complex, that even the French don't understand it. You might try Shaun Tax-Sorted who is a member here...not sure if this link works so try Googling Shaun Tax-Sorted, but I believe he has an office in France, and the UK.

Only one piece of advice Bruce, employ the services of a French Accountant who has a smattering of English... and feel rest assured that the 200-300 euros per year, will free you up to enjoy life.