Improve your Google Ranking -Tips

Most of us here will have blogs, websites, at least those who are trading.

You may well use a designer or programmer, but if you are like me and build your own, the task of getting your pages visible is down to you.

There are many, tried and tested 'Search Engine Optimisation' techniques.

Perhaps members can share their 'tricks' on this posting. I look forward to receiving input which could, in turn, help us all.


I have just 'followed' this chap on Twitter as he has a similar trading name to my own thewebcircle...he is offering a FREE PDF of SEO tips....drop him an email, and you'll get a PDF download. Simples, for Up Town Top Ranking!

See you 'up there'

eeerr....we still going on this one?

dweebster stuff here


I don't know if you can answer this, or if it is a query for the Dweebsters, but ref I use iweb, and can't change the HTML on the WISIWIG page, I can only 'see' the code when the site is live. And assume making changes therein is not possible.

I do have a programme that allows viewing of (X)HTML(5) and WISIWIG with a 'toggle' facility, where amends in the back are apparent/real in the Front, but I haven't used it much.

I could Google I suppose. Also, is there a way of finding out the differences betwixt PR2 and PR3?

Well it would be wouldn't it?


this guy is often 'on topic' but also V. clever

hi, has a link to 10 best tips to improve your Google ranking.

check out these sites....

I don't know if you've had time to go further in, James. But the site 'Craftsmanship' has some interesting articles.


Hi All,

not much to do with ranking, bet some interesting page layouts. see here

Hi Catharine, thanks for your time. I have always thought the author a little 'awkward' in his style, as if he is forcing simile/alliteration too much. You may be right about the mother tongue comment.

You dare not make an error in anything professional, medical, law, etc. It shows that you create errors. But I take your point ( especially you being a writer ) niggling errors are a right turn off. It is the typos that differentiate real Bank Sites from an illicit clones there of.

Hi Ron

I haven't got time to go through it all but on the home page we have:

But remember one thing. - incorrect punctuation

Sometimes it just slaps you in the face.An idea for how - missing space

Make first contact: - gibberish

Another page:
As we elevate and take you on new journey, we endeavour to keep it green. - missing preposition - sounds like a non native English speaker.

You get my drift. The copy doesn't flow. The layman won't understand why the site turns him off but it will. Decent copy is essential and it should be left to professionals. I see sites ruined by rubbish copy all the time. The same goes for images too. If you want a professional looking site, pay a professional photographer. You can spot sites using micro-stock images a mile off and they are NAFF!

Rant over...

I wonder if you are referring to Elevation, I know the writer. If it is that site, I would be interested to know what errors there are, Catharine.

It is, actually, a very valid point Catharine. I'm sure I read that the web-bots 'downgrade' for poor spelling. I'm not sure to which site you are referring? I stress that the property one I posted, I inherited the text, and the other 'Cap' one I didn't realise was an actual site...

Well I have had a brief look and would point out that any site requires grammatically correct content! And especially if you claim to have a team of writers…
But this thread is meant to be about improving google rank not random website critique so I shall stop there!

great James, I'll certainly check it out.

Again very helpful, thanks.

very valid point James thank you. Although it would be an very long email address in this case?

The Hosts I use is Go Daddy. I believe for 'web based emails,' of which you can set up many, they levy an extra charge. I maintain the site as a favour to a friend, and pay for the hosting, so need to keep costs down.

good point James.

If I were running the show, I wouldn't publish any closing times...clients want to know that you are available 24/7