In-2-Connect-People Meeting People" is coming to the Vendée

In-2-Connect (Vendée) is a network being set up aimed at providing support to expat entrepreneurs, being a minority group, we need the support of each other. There's also the possibility of networking internationally through the group- which makes us stand out from the rest.

The aim would be to share ideas ,look for solutions, giving support and friendship.

To help reduce the feelings of isolation that can often be experienced when being your own boss or working from home.

Originating in New Zealand,by Karen Emanuel, In-2-Connect has been launched in Brittany,by Nicky Peet,with an excellent response.

The aim would be to meet once a month, the venue will probably in the East of the Vendée, thereby being accessible to more people.There would be the chance to exchange ideas, businesss news,have a moan and groan section, help with the vaguaries of "starting in France".Business presentations. I'm open to suggestions,it is for all to feel part of the area.

I would like to invite anyone in the Vendée and surrounding area, if they are interested, to contact me.