In Bordeaux? Urgent help required!

Hi all - we are hoping that the network can come to the rescue....

Our eldest daughter starts her 'classe prepa' in Bordeaux this September. (CP is like uni but a bit different - one of those differences being that she starts almost a month earlier - which is an additional complication...)

Due to a complete and utter cock up by the CROUS (the body that administers student accommodation) she has been left with nowhere to live.

She's on waiting lists and it is entirely possible that within a month or so of starting, she will get a place via the waiting list but at this moment in time, we have no idea if this will happen.

Is there anyone out there who has / knows of a cheap studio / flatshare in Bordeaux? Or a room to rent? Or any other suggestions?


Not sure where in Bordeaux you need but after several false starts we have at last found a central based flat for N0 1 son for september 3rd year redouble of masters degree.

We used this agency who are very helpful and go straight from you to the owners they don't run the renatls.

Cabinet Corim

Adresse : 59 Rue de la Course, 33000 Bordeaux
Téléphone :05 56 81 35 63
Also here might be helpful it's rooms at a reduced rent living with a senior person in return for company.

There's also the Couchsurfing site - Have a google for it, and if you can't find it, I'll get the link from Eve.

My brother's kids (20-somethings), who live in Bordeaux, are having a think/look around for you. There's even an offer of a couch!

Have you tried collocataire

Same here. We're over in 82 with a spare bedroom, but that would be a killer commute.

hi catherine. have you tried looking on le bon coin. although the colocations for university students might be long term, you might be able to make an application for a crous contribution for this rather than a crous apartment and supplement with apl from CAF. not sure how old your daughter is. mine is 20 so i lost the child contributions as this was changed from 21 earlier this year.

hope you sort this out. shaka xx

Hi Catherine,

I have been and am in a similar situation. My daughter has completed her three years of Lycee and in effect half-moved out of home at age 15. Likewise, she will be doing her Prepa although with me now working in Bordeaux, we are renting a place so she will have to put up with the parents in the week. How uncool is that!

Anyway, the lady she lodged with for the Lycee years was lovely and an adopted mother. We found her through a website called Chambres a Louer as I recall. We had a false start with 4 weeks with a (being polite) strange woman. Then 4 weeks in the internat (aka open prison) but once settled it was fine. I think the majority of people advertising rooms on there are fine.

I can ask if there is something available and keep an ear out. Good luck.

what a shame..would be delighted to have your daughter here...but an hour and a half travelling would be a nightmare for your daughter and I am sure you could find nearer....good luck!

Bonjour Catharine

I might be able to help you. My former room mate in Bristol is from Bordeaux. His family still lives there. They have a big house, two daughters, a spare room and they use to be "Famille d'accueil".

Let me ask them the question. I keep you informed.

Yours sincerely,


Catherine - do you have a Bordeaux group? Am SURE someone would be able to put her up. This is family after all non? We're in Brittany which is of no help to you. However, if your plight had been around here we would have stepped up in an instant. All the best, G & P & Aris le chat.

Try you might find something short term there.

Good luck