In-car Cameras

(stella wood) #1

Anyone got a camera that films front and back of the car… (like lorries climbing in the boot)…

Just wondering if it might be a good idea… and OH loves gadgets…

(Jane Williamson) #2

We have one that films the front.
We bought it after I was wrongly accused of hitting another car.
So far I have had no more problems, but it does give you a sense of security

(Graham Lees) #3

Would be interested to know how that sits with French law on recording other people… Isn’t there something somewhere about not recording people without their consent?

(stella wood) #4

I think (not sure) I read that a label on the car… simply needs to say “smile, you are being filmed” or words to that effect…

I’ve seen such notices in French public buildings, churches etc etc…

and some lorries do carry notices (eg big sticker showing a camera)… clearly indicating camera on board/security devices etc etc

I know this site is UK but I’ve seen them in France as well

(Ann Coe) #5

I had one for a few years, it was cheap, worked well and the quality was good. Unfortunatly it took a knock and I haven’t, at the moment got around to replacing it.
I note that some of the new cars have camera as an option.
My insurer said that it could be useful in the case of an accident.
Just as an aside it was great when we were on holiday driving in the mountains, the film once downloaded was spectacular.
My French partner is on the point of buying a new car so will probably buy a dashcam too.

(John Withall) #6

I fitted a cheap one from a petrol station in the UK, £19.99. That saved me £70 on my insurance premium!:grinning:

(Paul Bradford) #7

I currently use one in our daughters car. It unobtrusively films to the front from a position close to the rear view mirror. It came with another camera to face the rear, but I can’t see a suitable place to put it.
I had another which fitted over the mirror and had a constant picture in the mirror. It was ok during the day, but a bit of a distraction at night.

(Mat Davies) #8

That is interesting - I have not been asked if I have a camera, it is very much in the insurance companies interest to encourage the use of cameras to help overcome fraudulent claims.

I trust at some point all round camera will be built in to cars.