In Paris

I am going to be in Paris next month for four days on my own. Any suggestions on activities at night? Also, can someone recommend a good place for a massage in Paris?

Thanks Judy for closer information.. If you want I could show you around Paris on the 10th or the 11th and massage you in my home I do Thai massage. Just call me if you feel like it. 0033666957107

I want to thank everyone for all your wonderful suggestions! I think I am going to pass on the rollerblading--at least until I try it here first. Gisela, I will arrive in Paris on December 10th and come home :( on the 20th. I will attend language school from the 12th-16th.

for eats, try this place, le ptitgibus, round mouffetard. It's a creperie, run by two breton brothers, with great value in set menus, nice breton cider, and they do a nice nutella banane crepe for desert. it's in the 5th. Rue pot de fer, 3-5. small place. try an evening on the bateaux mouches, they give a nice tour on the river, but try to time it so that the tower is lighting during the trip.(first few mins of every hour)

Dear Judy, when are you coming to Paris exactly. Then I could recommend things to you. What are you interested in, what kind of music ? Where will you stay ? What kind of massage ? How much money do you want to spend ?


Judy Ann,
You wrote : "...I did think about doing the rollerblading,... ".

If that was meant seriously, I've got a Paris friend (in her 40s) who does that. Send me a PM if you would be interested in a link-up.

My husband likes the Hammam fo the Mosquée,and it's popular

Slash is a weekly e-magazine for contemporary art in Paris. This is the English version:

The Timeout guide to Paris is still my favourite, and has lots of info.


Try :

You should find some interesting American events

Hi I used to spend time in Paris alone and joined there are things going on for all sorts of people - just wish there was the same near me now - I met lots of interesting people from all over the world.

I found Paris a safe and easy place for a woman alone. As to massage no idea all the spas in Paris v expensive - if that it what you are looking for. Clarins have spas in Paris if you google.

I found La Coupole an excellent place to eat - stick to the fixed menu - and always had excellent service eating as a single woman. Not rushed to get me out to make room for couples. The restaurant is beautiful art deco and it is a joy for people watching .

The "Club Zed " is not ageist (if it is still with the same owners) small and freindly and again I felt safe going there alone.

Have fun.

Contact Karen Heinrich at she will be able to help you :-) Have fun

contact sab he is a member on here, resident and Paris photographer he will know what and where I would think

I used to get offered plenty of massages near the moulin rouge if thats of any help lol

Christian - very good point!

OK, I am 60 (which I find hard to believe). My French is just at the beginner level, in fact the reason I will be in Paris is to attend language school. I am interested in photography and art. I will definitely check the Internet for what's on. Surely there will be holiday things too. I did think about doing the rollerblading, but decided that I am not ready to experience the French health-care system up close and personal.

Without more info, like your age, tastes, command of French, etc. your question is almost impossible to answer....

I've lived in central Paris for about twenty years, so whenever I come back for a day or four, I usually spend my nights in little restaurants I know and appreciate (including Greek and Indian, which are sadly lacking where I live now), and/or in cafés I know.

Of course, if you like music or ballet, it should be easy enough to find out on the internet what's "on" (Opéra de Paris, Salle Pleyel, etc.....). usually not cheap, and booking well in advance definitely advsed !

I was referring to John's comment that his suggestions would ruin his relationship. :-)

Why can't we have that ! ? Judy ? This theme is going back to Biblical times..and even well before to boot....alors??

ps : considering my grand discretion..and looking at the other replies...ignore the 'only joking' bit...

Can I come with you??? ....only joking ! original post tout de même...

Have a look at this previous blog post,

It seems more like the kind of massage you may be looking for:-)

Well, we can't have that!

But, the night-time activites and type of massage I am looking for are tamer!