In the Beginning was the Mark, and here it comes again

Communication by definition, is a a two-way process. Conversation, P.R. messaging, BookFace, I guess if no ones listening, you ain't communcating! So, I would say there are 2 basic forms of comms, visual, and audible. Ok, fused together 3 basic ways..apart from Spiritual...4 that's it!

>In the beginning was the mark, and the mark was made good. Then came the Word, the word gave us stories about the ice ages, land bridges, and sunken cities, these became myth, myth became Religion, then there were Hollywood BlockBusters, finally then the truth came out, thanks to Carbon Dating.

I suppose it comes down to an individual's belief system, whether you treat the written word, as per, say, the Bible or Koran etc as allegorical or not. But I think that many of the myths that became word of mouth stories, with the absence of 'durable fact retention vehicles', books and all, were handed down generation to generation, embellished en route, but still with their basis in fact. Some of the Biblical stories, when I was a kid seemed so fantasttic, they were unbelievable., but nowadays, every other Natural History program shows that, yes this flood may have been a s a result of a quake/ Tsunami, an Asteroid, the cyclical wobble of the Earth causing another ice age and so on.

So which came first? communication through symbolism? or the spoken guterral utterances? Possibly both in tandem.

My ongoing thesis aims to explore the first, the graphic, the symbolic.

This is a fresh posting in the series 'Logos, my life and Loves.' Logos is Greek for Word, or a symbol of Christ/ Mary and the Holy Spirit. I believe that we were using Symbols, before a word was uttered, symbols can tell a story, but are literally set in Stone. But there is a connection between early 'markings' the history of Hieroglyphics, semaphore, maritime flags, heraldry and Graphic design. Yay.

How to understand Symbols.

My fellow sufferers of the manic depressive ailment, now fashionably called Bi Polar, will know what I mean when I say 'clarity of vision'. Often at its sharpest 'on the up' just before you get taken into l'hopital to then cranked up with so much Largactil, and other heavy meds all rhyming with 'ene', that you can't speak, and subsequently look like a lunatic.

Yes, this period is much like an acid trip, but often lasts 2 months. It is very scary for your support team and family, but what they see as 'rantings' you see as merely the Bablonic' multi layered vision of all history compressed into one level. I only mention it because in my experience when you are at yur most 'ill' it seems that every thing you see, say some sort of message. Road signs, number plates, Place names, you sort of see 'in your face' an instant history, Bishopstoke, St Petersberg, or whatever, all logical to the historian but to the hypermanic its like someone is trying to tell you something. Could it be that JC was a sufferer?

Einstein, and the wheel chair guy, have their white papers, equations, referrals, the nutty Professor, however, has it all at his fingertips. If you you really can 'rock and roll ' and you wanna get clicking, marry a concept with wiki wonders and check it out.

There are many parallels to draw from. All, much the same. And scarily all seem to go back to the sacred heart. A client has recently asked me to remove a drawing of a heart from an illustration as it as was seen to be too masculine. I did so, as I didn't want to be a thorn in this guys side. The heart in question was, inverted, thus changing the dynamic, it becomes a pointer, an 'arrow-head' or blackened with a 'tail' becomes the Ace of's all there for the seeing!

Please note, that the Anglicisation of the Insignia for the Playing Card 'Aces' was to create a Franking Mark, so that King James the 6th could track his taxes!

The tail ( prehensile ) is the Devil/monkey/ the pre Human Animal. The fallen angel? Never really gone along with all that .... Devil, Beelzebub, Ol' Nick, Satan, the Serpent ( which is the legless animal) the seducer of Eve, the Dawn of mankind, in Ethiopia, from where we came down from the trees having acquired Knowledge. The tree of Knowledge?

CASE STUDY: I once presented to a table of Twelve Vice Presidents of a Global Giant in the Communications Industry, some concepts for a Brochure that they were commissioning. They didn't want to subscribe to ISO 9000 nor BS5750, as they thought their own Six Sigma system would suffice, as a benchmark for quality standards.

The final piece was a 'front page' of a brochure showing a light bulb in place of a technicians head. In order to get to this image, we showed the prepartory work which included the well known Darwinian Graphic, apes progressing to homo erectus/man. During 'question time' one Vice President stood up and said "you can't show that graphic, you are likely to upset a lot of people". I guess he meant that in the Bible bashing backwaters of Baltimore and in 50 % of the Globe, people really do believe the Earth was created in 7 days, through devine intervention.

Another idiot raised his hand and said, "hey, why has that guy got a light bulb for a head"? All of these twits would have seen Daffy Duck, the Roadrunner etc. Der Hallo! Some of theses 'men of science' are on 100000 bucks a year? WTF!

Anyway, try it yourselves. Pick a topic! say you want to find out about an organisation in parallel. Let's say the CEO reminds you of Robin Hood? Just follow the blue hypertext links in Wiki that have a connection with what you want to discover, be guided by the emotive 'Lion HEART' 'LORD of the Manor' 'Aquitaine', 'Toulouse', etc etc. And your campaign, Blog, storey will unfold before your very eyes. Be assured it will all take you back somehow to the Holy Trinity.

It's a fun 'tennis, elbow, foot, game' to play if you have a glass of Burgundy to hand ( in a du PAPE, Eucharist, Wine, Last Supper type of way ). Pick up on the interesting features such as numerology, I, 3, 4, 7 etc and remember the 50s song about the guy who had only one possession, his pack of playing cards, which just through imagery he had the whole story in his hands. It is that which interests me most, the very simplistic shapes and icon, that become games and even story telling devies, dominos, chess, draughts, brag, backgammon, solitaire..the list is endless.

But although you could argue that 'how esle you you create a 2 person game' without 2 diametrically apposed factions?' Sure, but I think that many of these are 'tactile' versions on the ongoing good /evil stage play. God/Devil, Yin Yang, good evil, all working in harmony.

I think that every mark made, every sound uttered, has been retained, perhaps by the big Scribe in the Sky. Weird to think that every radio wave since Marconi, an I assume TV Broadcast? is sill floating out there 'Crystal set' clear, and getting further and further away. Who knows some long lost coy of 'The Army Game' may be be being enjoyed by some entity, out there past Alpha Centari.

The world is but a stage, and we are merely players. We've not just all been here before, we are are all here, and will be fore ever and ever our Men.

I haven't researched it but I think that Satan was re-invented by the Catholics to keep them the Masses pliantly scared (sacred) So, if you want to follow the negative side, of this game try Devil, Thorn, Black Jack .... you will discover this mirror of the yin yang. Black white, heaven and Hell etc..... Note: White=Good=Round, and Black=Sharp=Evil. Have you never notices the palindrome of LIVE?

I only have one Mantra that is 'God is eveything' ie we are all God, he is not a Deity, we are the Deity. We have all been Jesus and Mark / the Holy Spirit. The trilogy, I read an interesting article the other day which attempted to define 'life'. The answer was something along the lines of 'anything', which can live/die (exist or not) and replicate itself, organically. So a computer virus may be alive, a daunting thought.

Back on track.

Could it be that there are multi universes? Even Stephen is having a re-think, and the Swiss tunnel rats trying to prove that you can go faster than light? I am suggesting that, perhaps as is said in Buddism, there are some striking similarities in history. Cavaliers and Roundheads, Be it Robin Hood, Alexander the Great, The Mods and Rockers, Adolf Hitler, Nostradamus, ( our Mother ) Mary who floated to St.Marie de la Mer, where the Egyptians and Romany gather to play music and praise her. Think Nutrition, Milk and Honey, the Milky way, Lazarus....Mother Earth....

In chronological terms our AD lives can be seen in the New Testament. Anything before that you probably have to click on Judaism, Jainism, Hindu, the Shaman, Aborigines, Aztec and even the crew that were here Milena ago, see the Krishna Conscience chanters.

I think as every 'action'( and re-action ) is accountable, some note has been made somewhere. Someone's writing it all down for Pete's sake!

Wall daubing, parchments, scrolls, the digital info that 's left in the back of a taxi. Why do we prepare accounts? Every one has a balance sheet, good deeds / bad deeds, unless to can get this right, we will not be re-born and become something 'better'.

Why is it that the most highly revered shaman, soothsayers, are are better guardians of the Planetary system, than the capitalists and money lenders? And the ones in the forest the most illuminated, more so than the Ghandis, and Dali Lamas. Check out Tidikawa on YouTube, Naked, Hi priest, deflowerer of Virgins, tree bark snorter!

No tele, no Coke cans, but PURE visionary. I bow down Tidekawa.

I think as soon as we got the thumbs working, ie 'didn't need the trees', we became crafts people. So follow it through.... flint, arrows, economics, craft, sculpture, Venus, scribe, Illuminati, painter, or stone mason, society, guild, guilder.... It's all there all joined up for you. As graphic as can be. I am convinced that we are born with knowledge, not just the basic rules for survival, coaxed and confirmed by our parents, but with a genetic imprint, of history memories, appreciation of 'area' specific music how else can you explain that any Anglo Saxon grooves to the beat of the Stones, and the Meds only like, at best a Morrocan, Accordian playing, dirge chanting alcoholic like Renauld?

So as we are all mindful that even 'paper' money is a Symbol... "I promise to pay the bearer etc..." a 'confidence' token, its real value, un-definable. Be they coins, or bills, they are always a vehicle for carrying a symbol, a dollar sign, Swastika, Roman L. Pretty well always brandishing an image of a Monarch, regime, totalitarian, Senator....what real 'value' does a note have? Tread on a Bhat note, and you'll learn Thai the long way.

How much 'matress cash' ended up back in the revenues coffers after the Franc gave way to the Euro? Or Sterling went metric? Or how much is the Pension Pound now worth since 12 months ago?

Inflation, worse still, the constant 'printing of Money' which we are all applauding, as it seems to be a way out of this meltdown. The classic example of how perception can alter value was Hilter's economic 'master stroke' of re-naming the the runaway inflated Deutschmark the Reichmark. My 90 year old German Aunt will tell you that she remembers a bag of money found in the street was taken, but the cash left in a pile, and that she had to run to the baker to buy a loaf cheaper than if she'd walked.

Hilter toots a line and decides "Ich Hab's". Suddenly a 1000000DM stamp, could be purchased for a Reichmark. Confidence was restored, butter gave way to guns, industry was stimulated, the war was lost, millions slaughtered. Germany rebuilds and becomes economic powerhouse!

The recent urban myth that Germany has been stockpiling new DMs is true. Insurance policy? Or is Merkel the Ferkel, about to get out of bed with the poison Slavonic dwarf? Hmmm, little people: Hilter, Nappy, Askey?

I sometimes think that if you took the 'ethos', the mechanics, the fiscal fiddling out of the equation, that it would all function still, if not better. The carrot grower still grows, the logistics still deliver, the packers still pack the punters still crunch. The symbol of a star based Union was a graphic bound to fail. Even the founders are now saying " it will never have worked, how can you tie in so many disparate fiscal policies in to one and police it?" Stable door creaks.... Especially as most Members have fiddled the books! And the people driving the gravy train are too sh*t scared to step up to the plate?

Symbolic, shambolic, more like. What's a Greek Urn?

I am, like most, miffed that my 20 years in the building Pension Pot has dropped in half, thanks intitially to some over zealuous mortgage brokers, flogging a deal to some trailer trash, who like the Lloyds Maritime brokers cut the risk and flogged it on, and on... Final owner.....the British tax payer.

I can't see how if in Russia, France and wherever else, the proper tax payer pays for the schools and roads etc and the fiddlers laugh up their surely a symbol of denial.

Go forth and spread the Word.