In The Local today - it WILL become compulsory to hold a Carte de Séjour after Brexit

The section about this says:


One thing I can tell you is that as we thought, it WILL become compulsory to hold a Carte de Séjour after Brexit, either from the end of the transition period if there is a deal, or (in theory at least) by 30 March 2019 in the case of no deal.

Those who currently hold cards will have to exchange them, but will find themselves in a stronger position and will be able to take advantage of a facilitated procedure for this exchange.

So the advice is clear. If you’re waiting to see, please start the process now.

Make sure you ask for a récipissé once you’ve put in your dossier too, if your prefecture issues them to EU citizens (not all do). We’re working with both the ministry and the Embassy trying to persuade them to put into action a joint information campaign to give this advice an official stamp, but time is short. Please don’t wait for that to come out before you act.

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So what’s new? I don’t think anyone ever thought that France would continue as at present being the only European country not to require incoming residents to register. To me nothing has particularly changed - start now when prefectures are still grumpy about it, or wait until after brexit and we know precisely what new registration will be.


Was that ever in doubt?


How could it ever have been the case that one would not need a CdS - unless the UK agreed some sort of individual freedom of movement deal with France.


If I was staying in France I would still wait. Really couldn’t be bothered to do the process twice - can you imagine!!?? :scream::scream:


Exactly Jane.

I think that is the point being made… do it now and you have already secured your position when any new procedure is promulgated - more likely just an exchange of one card for another without having to re-jump through all the hoops.


This is France Graham. It will never be that simple.

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Exchanging my British Driving licence for a French one was… :thinking:
At the time, most Brits were saying not to bother as the UK one gave EU rights… now I’m pleased I did it.

Lucky you! I had a nightmare exchanging mine.

I will simply travel the three hours to Spain every three months and avoid any of this.

How does that avoid any of this?

As a carte de sejour for people from countries outside the EU costs €269 as against nothing for people from other EU countries, maybe it is worth applying before ‘brexit day’.

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The CdS you can apply for now is for EU citizens so will become invalid once (if!!) the UK leaves the EU. It will therefore be necessary to exchange it for a different type of CdS after Brexit and I imagine there will be a charge for that. But, who knows? Maybe the exchange will be free, maybe not!! Nobody knows of course because, like everything else to do with Brexit, nothing has yet been decided or agreed upon.

It’s a complete bloody mess and it’s impossible to advise anyone what to do because, as yet, no-one has any idea what type of Brexit we are going to get or even if Brexit will happen.

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You couldn’t imagine a worse mess.

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not quite sure I follow your logic…??? (post Brexit that is)

Well I think the French will only be interested in non EU movements. So if Ive come in from Spain which is only because its nearest then I dont think any problems. As long as I’ve left France after 189 days well three months is less.

@Chris_Franklyn. So you’re basically saying that you will avoid being a resident, paying taxes, joining the health service, having a french driving licence and will accept possibly paying a higher taxes as non-resident, having to take out private health insurance, and not being able to vote in local elections?

No Im happy for want of a better word to pay taxes and live as part of the community. I’m not so happy to submit to DNA and intrusions. Look whats happening in Paris now. My ex has fingers burned by using the car as a form of id. Cart Grils.

@Chris_Franklyn. You’ve lost me… how can you pay income tax/join the health service if you are not a resident? And the most likely is that post Brexit to be a resident you will need to register for whatever the new carte de sejour system is.

And if not resident in France where would you be resident? Sure you can be an illegal resident here, and just own a house and pay taxes on that. But you risk all sorts of things if that is discovered. And, for example, what happens when you want to renew your passport and how do you insure your car. They will want to know where you are resident.

And how does going to Spain every 3months help? It is still in the EU and it’s likely to be 90 days in 180 in europe, not 90 days in France.

I’m baffled!

(And never heard of DNA being required, just finger prints.)