Incapacity Benefit, DLA and renting in France (?)

We are planning on moving to France in the next year or so and we want to be sure we don't make too many horrendous mistakes. I am on long-term IB and DLA and my main concerns are, whether we are able to stay in France or have to come home:

Getting my benefits
Getting health care

My wife is a French translator and she has set herself up as a limited company and we need to know how best to organise the finances.

We are thinking of renting a place in France for a few months to see how things go, making all the bureaucratic changes so we can pull out before buying a place if we have to.
There is so much to find out about. Any advice you give about who best to go for advice would be appreciated, and if you have some relevant personal experience to off that would be great to. Have a look at this and may be visit your local CAB in UK. DLA care component is transportable in some limited cases. Mobility stops. As Incapacity benefit is transferring to ESA not sure on the transporting rules. You will need to sort out health insurance if you are on long term meds as the costs are high until you get your green card, (Carte Vitale) We applied for ours as soon as we arrived but 3 months down the line still no news and had to get prescription last week and visit to Dr and the prescription drugs my husband needed came to €100. We may be able to reclaim some of this once green card arrives but steep in the mean time. Do your homework before arriving or it can all become a nightmare when it should be fantastic. Good luck.