Income until business underway

My husband and I recently bought a Gites business in France and I moved out permanently to run it. My husband works and is taxed in England, only visiting at weekends at the moment as we have no other income. I have registered myself as a Micro-Entrepreneur but am earning nothing from the business yet but paying out lots for various repairs etc and bills from my savings and money that my husband transfers to me to live and run the house.

It suddenly occurred to me that I may have to declare this money somewhere even though it has already been taxed in England. I also have a very small source of income from a government pension which is also taxed in England which I also may have to declare. Can anybody advise me on these as I feel as though I am going under not knowing what I am supposed to be doing?

Thank-you very much for this information Toby. I am very grateful.

Hi have a look at

They'll sort it out.

Good luck