Indexing of the State Pension

Hi all

As you know I am in regular contact with Roger Gale MP, who is one of the MP's fighting on behalf of expats.

Below is a copy of an email I received today which is not exactly encouraging and I attach a copy of the letter from Roz Altmann who I have also dealt with over the years, sadly now part of the Gov't machine and not the campaigner for pensioners that I knew.

Well, I will rephrase that. I have tried to attach the letter but have no idea if it has worked or not as the system message is totally ambiguous.

Good morning Peter

I have received a number of queries from, particularly, residents in EU countries but also worldwide, about the possible effects of a “Brexit” on ex-pats. The attached letter from (Baroness) Ros Altmann is in response to one of my enquiries of the DWP.

There is no definitive answer but, at the risk of being accused of the “scaremongering” that seems to be applied to any attempt to clarify what might happen, it seems to me that UK pension uprating and the payment of future `exportable benefits` could well be called into question unless bi-lateral agreements are reached.

This letter also responds to my request for clarification of the date of “freezing” for those departing to live in countries with which the UK has no reciprocal arrangement. This, of course, the All-party Group continues to seek to address.