Information about the Move to France, Please


We (me and my husband) are in the process of making the decision to move to France, it will prpbably nest summer. Is there anyone who can pass on advice or let us know where to go for up to date info on moving such as books or internet or personal experience, incl as Tax issues, medical, finding Dr's dentist etc and anything else that we should know!! We plan to move to the Charente area and are currently renovating a property there.

Any advice will be greatly apreciated


Annette & Dave Rushton

The best advice I can give is to brush up on your language skills. It will make your life so much easier. Trawl the internet for all info web sites and links to France and its traditions. Read about other people`s experiences on here and other web sites. I don`t know of one book to recommend. Any amount of preparation will help only to a certain extent. The reality of living in a different country often does not match up to the ideals and dreams.

We used ET Brokers for our move. For a fee of £35 they used all their contacts to obtain best quotes and we reckon they saved us up to £2,000.

Hi Annette - I'm with Andrew on this - stuff changes on a daily basis *sighs* so crowd-sourcing on site like this is the way to go! Good luck with it all and shout if you need anything. Cx

Books just aren't reactive enough for the obvouse reason that it takes time to research and write them, then print and distribute them... even the "latest updated" editions are already out of date as France, like all other EU countries is having to take so many austerity measures that things change from one day to the next :-O

Thanks that was what I thought, all the books I come across are at least 4 years old and I know tax and medical things have changed very recently.

Thanks to all the advice so far from those who have replied :-)

Try this link. Search Amazon for books.

A lot of the various books etc are well out of date, have a trawl back through the various forum topics and you'll find loads of information or ask specific questions as and when they crop up - you'll come across more up to date info from members on this site than in all the books on amazon put together ;-)

Bonne chance et bon déménagement !

I am near Ruffec

Hi Grace,
Near to Aubeterre, we have a small renovation project underway at Nabinaud. Where are you?

I live in the Charente - where are you moving to?