My dad passed away in November. He left is wife my stepmother 'Donation d'epoux' . Which means she can live there the rest of her life. And I have no problem with that.

However my wicked Step Mother told me she was going to take me off my father's will. I found out she had 'Donation d'epoux' cause my notary wrote and asked her notary. We are not talking and she has treated to take me of the inheritance? From what I understand she can not do this.

I have not seen one paper since my father died. Only the 'Donation d'epoux'. I did not see his last will for his burial nor a testament she is supposedly black mailing me with. My sister has all the information and is as greedy as my stepmother. No longer talks to me either.

Does anybody have info on this? Thanks a head of time.



I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question but it MAY be an idea to repost in the Friendly Advice Forum. Might also be an idea to mention the legal system/country the will comes under - i.e English, French or whichever. I know that under English law you can get copies of a relative's will but no idea about any other country's laws. :)