Initial Lodging for Visa Appl. + Long-Term Housing

My wife and I hope to relocate to France (Strasbourg) from the US and live there for 3-5 years. We’re early retirees (no pension yet) so we don’t intend to seek employment. The VLS/TS visa seems like our best option. We’ll apply for it while still in the US. I’m curious about locating housing in France. I know we need a French address to put on the Visa application. Can that be a hotel/Airbnb or must it be a signed lease for a specific duration? Also, once we’re in France and looking for a more permanent place what do most people do - rent a furnished place or rent an unfurnished place? I’ve heard there are duration standards (regulations?) for furnished vs unfurnished housing. Does anyone know how that works?
Thanks for any and all insights.

this link is interesting and seems to be up-to-date… about rentals.

There are 4 types of rental contract in france.

Bail mobilté for furnished places under 10 months - usually for students or workers on placement.

Holiday lets max3 months (likeAir bnb)

Furnished (meublé) 1 year contract that renews

Unfurnished (non-meublé) 2-3 year contract that renews

For anything other than a holiday let you will need a dossier -ID, references, carte de sejour, bank account etc. Most will demand deposits etc, and generally despite contract length you can give 3 months notice.

Your best bet would be to start with a holiday rental, many places to find them apart from Air.

The rental market in Strasbourg is quite hot.

Stella and JaneJones, thank you both for the helpful replies.