Innocents dying in Afghanistan - how to complain?

on Saturday, NATO forces bombed a hospital belonging to Medcins Sans Frontiers in Kunduz, Afghanistan killing 12 medical staff and ten patients (three of them children) and injuring a further 35 innocent people. This was even though NATO had been supplied a long time ago with the GPS coordinates of the hospital. ' This is a war crime' states MSF and it surely is.

All around the world we are seeing confusion & destruction wherever the "great powers" intervene in order to bring about their agenda of gaining more power & profits.

enough is enough. But what can we do

Having worked for great US companies pretty well all my career (the last for twenty-five years) and having many, many good American friends and colleagues I've watched the corporate emphasis move over time from being multi-focussed on shareholders, employees and the community to a mono focus on just the stock price. I'm a bit of a hypocrite I suppose as I benefitted from that shift but I also regret how the shift has made once great corporations into just treadmills for the employees. The antidote is the South of France, I hope you'll be very happy here Debra :-)

I am a citizen of the US and I agree with your comments, Mr. Scully. This country is driven by the wealthy and their self-interests. Most politicians pander to the big corporations and banks. The media and those with power create discord between the middle class and those who live in poverty in order to keep the citizens from seeing the real problems. Not only do the politicians meddle in the affairs of other countries...causing horrendous situations for their monetary benefit...but they are now limiting the rights of this country's citizens. This country has become a self-interested oligarchy. I plan to relocate to the south of France in 2017. All countries have their problems but I much prefer France's to those of the US.

I suggest one needs to start calling it out as one sees it, even if people don't want to hear the message or it's considered non-PC. We are subject to unprecedented amounts of propaganda every day and it's hard for busy people to have time to do the research to inform their own opinions. Since I've retired I've had the luxury of reading a lot and catching up and been rather surprised at some of my conclusions. For example IMO the US, through their arming of the Mujahideen (which morphed into Al Qaeda), sowed the seeds for 9/11 but obviously they have never admitted to same. To imply that 9/11 was in anyway self inflicted would get me strung up on Broadway. Similarly, IMO the US (aided by Tony Blair) started the process that created the environment for ISIL to thrive when they invaded Iraq. Equally, I don't like the US fiddling in the Ukraine. Kennedy was lauded for making a stand over the Bay of Pigs but Putin is slated for doing the same in Crimea.

Personally, I consider the US a loose cannon when it come to their foreign policy. Their biggest ally in the Middle East, Saudi, is an appalling country with judicial beheadings, amputations and floggings. Any vestige of morality flies out the window when US self interest is at stake. This just one of the reasons I want a strong Europe. I think the US is very, very dangerous.