Insect bites

My wife gets bitten as soon as she walks out the door, she currently has 40 bites.

She believes it is a tiny black fly, about the same size as a mosquito, but isn’t one.

We have been told by one person that it is a fly that populates the grape vines, with which we are surrounded.

Strangely though, talk to the doctor or the chemist and nobody appears aware of it.

Does anyone know what they are and how to repel them?

My wife has similar problems, when we sit out. I bought a hanging net, under which she sits without problem. We solved her attraction to these flies, with my Avon anti mosquito spray. She sprays it on, prior to going out. It is a tad smelly, but deters all little black flies. Fortunately, we have No mossies, in this area.

Thanks, we will try the Avon product as she is getting the point of avoiding the garden.

Citronnea / other essential oil work well too, most pharmacies have a spray on natural product. Smells nice too!

For mosquito bites I use the original Avon SSS dry spray.
Since my dog left for Rainbow Bridge I have avoided walking through wooded areas during the summer months and no severe bites, hoorah! Yesterday my husband insisted I jump onto the quad because I must see how the nearby lake was almost dry! Today I am scratching like billyo :grimacing: Unlike a mossie bite these (I believe some call them jiggers) can take weeks to clear!

Aoutats in French, harvest mites in English. Absolutely dire! They climb the inside of clothing and then bite when they meet a restriction - and no, don’t ask where! :grin:

As you say, take ages to stop irritating.

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