Having been totally inspired by James' foray in the the world of deconstruction/reconstruction viz. Pallet Table I decided to give it a go myself. Here's is my 'bookcase' of which I am, well, purdy chuffed.

James' antique look, finishing and the proportions of his table are faultless, and inspiring.

Researching the topic I found this Pinterest Board... well worth a seems the possibilities are endless.

just clicked on this...really lovely.

Google: SFN Chuffed

wass the rush????? jus gotta level it off, that's all



one day he’ll finish something

....quite difficult getting this level without a spirit level... ( normally 4 double Calvados and a pipe does the trick ) luckily now the gate is level....quite handy as the whole of Cap D'Agde seems to be on the piss.

I attach a pic of a work in progress, a testament to what can be achieved even with a disability.

Nor does Ron...

Deeeeehhhh, thumb sucking time...

I don't understand this post Ron. Are you trying to be funny or taking the piss? James made a lovely thing. A pile of broken pallets is neither a) lovely or b) funny.

I have just been asked by the Iron One to remove the Doghouse from the dining room table...TSK!......hhhmmmm table?

I like the stones idea tho' Bri, I've have my eye on these for some time...

Well, nice stone effect floor tiles will make it cosy.

If this goes on much longer I am going over to the polar bears to suck my thumb for a while.

Hey Bri..I don't want it to be...well..too...Boxey.

Go in for real floorboards too, they'll match the wallpaper.

The dog house is quite comfy...I'm just chamfering a couple of slats right now... wafer thin.... yup, I'm gonna wallpaper! ( wood effect )

it's so easy to do Bernadette... and the tools are simple, in fact all you need is a Hamafore, and a little patience.

No, please no, force him to immediately become a successful pallette sculptor, your fortune is guaranteed.