Installing a bathroom

I’ve begun work on the bathroom chez nous. Just poured a bit of concrete so far.

I think I’ll use ‘beton cire’ for the final finish on the concrete, not sure yet.

Anyone done that?


Concrete worktop installed today, along with the glass sink which was the bargain of the project at €40

Nice one James.

Mood lighting installed with remote control and option to change the colour! Only 70 Euros!

Nice work James.

Wasn’t as bad as I’d expected it to be, I have visions of falling tiles and head injuries, but it went well, only to about 45 minutes too. I made sure that the tile adhesive wasn’t too wet which helped.

God you must have suffered doing tiling on the ceiling.

Floor and ceiling mosaics laid in the Hammam.

The cabinet upon which it will sit.

I’ll seal this one with an epoxy resin, which will also fill the little gaps around the larger pebbles


Quite please although I wouldn’t use such large pebbles in future, unless they were cut in half. They cause problems.

Polished, still need a bit more work

Worktop ready to be removed from the mould after 4 days curing.

We got them from the river Gave and from the beaches in Aquitaine, so much nicer than the crap you can buy in the DIY sheds.

Looking forwards to seeing the polished article - love those pebbles!

This is the mould for the concrete bathroom worktop, and some of the rock/pebbles that I’ve stuck in it, poured it today also, it will be ready to polish on Monday :slight_smile:

Blimey that is cool. We could all get in there :wink: Did you keep any latex :smiley:

Sealed inside the shower with latex, ready for tiling when it’s dried. Done the ceiling too as it will be a steam room.

I’m pleased with the blocks, just hoping to be able to effectively seal the tray and walls, I have a roll on product to do the job.

It’s a bit nicer than the old one! And of course you can use it - if you mix enough concrete :wink:

Wow, what a difference from when we sawit. The blocks and tiles look fantastic. No way am I using the old one :wink: