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Hi Andrew, I’m working on cloning myself but she is only 8 months old so maybe in a couple decade I’ll be twice as efficient who knows :wink: Your support is much appreciated, I’d be blushing if not in front of my computer :blush: Many thanks again for that kind comment, always a pleasure.

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Hello everyone :blush:
So happy to be back with you all lol
I had to start a new account as I had forgotten my passwords and I have a new e mail account too :blush:
I have used this page as I have been seriously ill with marrowbone cancer, not a public fb thing :blush: lol lol
However as I work here in France can I just say that the treatment was absolutely perfect
Hospital bonnet in frejus - st Raphael doctor guchnenve and the hospital in nice whereby I had one hundred percent full on chemo and a year to get better :blush:
Fortunately I was fully paid using my company mutuelle
Mutuelle du Var.
All this and more … . Although the mutuelles for new arrivals on retirement are available with English companies
Please check out the French companies too :blush:
I hope to be going back to work in November which will make exactly one year off from the crazy markets in Cannes :blush:
Looking forward to getting back to normal and so happy to have had the energy to re inscrire to survive in France which I really love :blush:
Although I have been sneaky and checking out, I just di not have the energy to do all of the blah blah
This evening with a small (we’ll sort of small) glass of rose wine :blush: I decided to go through with those so easy details
Nice to be back with you all :heart:️:white_check_mark:
Hugs to you brits :uk: And of course any other nationalities
Anne Marie Huet xxxxxx

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Regular blood tests and medication
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