Insurance brokerage services from Fabien Pelissier

Hi Andrew, I’m working on cloning myself but she is only 8 months old so maybe in a couple decade I’ll be twice as efficient who knows :wink: Your support is much appreciated, I’d be blushing if not in front of my computer :blush: Many thanks again for that kind comment, always a pleasure.

Hello everyone :blush:
So happy to be back with you all lol
I had to start a new account as I had forgotten my passwords and I have a new e mail account too :blush:
I have used this page as I have been seriously ill with marrowbone cancer, not a public fb thing :blush: lol lol
However as I work here in France can I just say that the treatment was absolutely perfect
Hospital bonnet in frejus - st Raphael doctor guchnenve and the hospital in nice whereby I had one hundred percent full on chemo and a year to get better :blush:
Fortunately I was fully paid using my company mutuelle
Mutuelle du Var.
All this and more … . Although the mutuelles for new arrivals on retirement are available with English companies
Please check out the French companies too :blush:
I hope to be going back to work in November which will make exactly one year off from the crazy markets in Cannes :blush:
Looking forward to getting back to normal and so happy to have had the energy to re inscrire to survive in France which I really love :blush:
Although I have been sneaky and checking out, I just di not have the energy to do all of the blah blah
This evening with a small (we’ll sort of small) glass of rose wine :blush: I decided to go through with those so easy details
Nice to be back with you all :heart:️:white_check_mark:
Hugs to you brits :uk: And of course any other nationalities
Anne Marie Huet xxxxxx

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Many thanks to Fabien and his colleagues for advising and arranging my medical and house insurance. Both very efficiently done and at good prices too.


Once again, we have contacted Fabien about a query with our French healthcare, and once again he has kept us right. He and Dominique are patient, very knowledgable and extremely efficient in their response and advice. Nothing is too much trouble, and they go over and above what could reasonably be expected. It’s such a comfort knowing I can contact Fabien since my French or knowledge is not yet up to insurance or medical speak. Can’t thank them enough for their help.


We highly recommend Fabian. He is friendly, professional and has provided an excellent service in arranging our house and car insurance. He replies promptly and works quickly, as does his colleague, Dominique. Their knowledge is superb and we are very grateful to Fabian for the outstanding service he has provided.


Hello @HM1 H McGee and welcome to the Forum.

Please could you amend your Registration to show your Full Name ?? If you are not sure how to do this, simply type your full name on this thread and I will do the necessary… cheers.

It’s Helen McGee. Thank you, Stella.


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Thanks Helen - all done and dusted. :grin::grin: