Insurance dilemma

I have to move back to the UK soon so I will want to sell my french car before I go, as I won’t get much for it in the UK.
I will however, still need a car for the period between having sold my french car and the actual moving date. I intend to buy a UK registered car and keep it at my son in laws house until I can get insurance but my problem is this. I cannot get uk insurance until I am actually resident there and when I asked my french insurers whether they would insure it for the period before I actually move they were, to put it mildly, less than enthusiastic.
Has anyone any experience of this situation and/or any solutions they can offer please?

Would a hire car help?

Leasing can prove useful… check the details/costs against those for Hiring…

Do you have a friend with a car you could borrow… ???

See if your son-in-law can insure it temporarily in theUK.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have since discovered it is possible to get uk car insurance as a non resident but I suspect it won’t come cheap! I will also follow up on Johns idea and talk to my SIL.