Insurance for AE

Can anyone recommend a good insurer for Auto-Entrepreneurs? If possible, an insurer who has a website. Thanks.

What type of work and is this public liability or decennale?

As Tim says - what activity are you looking to insure?
There’s a comparison site here, for instance
(looks as if it’s one of those that will contact you so be careful what details you give)
I imagine all insurance companies have websites.
Bear in mind that as a micro entrepreneur you can’t offset insurance costs. If the cost of insurance for your activity is high, micro entrepreneur may not be the best way to go.

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Is this anything @fabien can help with ???


I’m using a couple that can offers flat rate for micro entreprise (depending on what is it you’re doing exactly). If that’s a non regulated business that’s usually 199€ per year (16.66e per month) but if this has to do with the construction industry (builder) then you’re up for a 10 years insurance (called in French the Responsabilité Civile Décennale) which is mandatory AND quite complex to get when starting out a new job (but hey, I’m here to help potentially :wink: ).

Hi Fabien.
It is just for guarding the houses and pets. Thanks. I have emailed you.

Thanks everyone for helpful comments.

Wow, I could only dream of such a low premium ! Professional liability insurance for regulated professions is quite a drain on resources, and is often coupled to one’s turnover. It would help swallow the pill a little if one actually knew, for certain, that one’s backside would be covered, in the event of an incident, after all what’s the point of insurance if it isn’t ? Anyway, whole other topic…