Insurance help

Hi - I am looking for anyone who knows if a French insurance company that speak English that can help with commercial insurance?

I help as a non exec for a UK logistics company who have just taken on a new warehouse near Calais - any help gratefully received! Thanks, Damian.

Hi Nick - you a legend thank you! - if I can’t then I’ll ask one of the directors Sue to drop you a line if ok? She’s the one with the purse strings - thanks ever so much for the reply!


Hi Damian,

I can probably point you in the right direction. I run a large international construction project and cost management consultancy based in Paris. As a result we deal with commercial and buildings’ insurance fairly regularly, so we do know the main players.

Contact me on or give me a call Monday to discuss and I’ll put some suggestions forward as to who you may want to talk to.

00 33 (0)140 38 64 24 or 00 33 (0)6 80 63 99 79.

Best wishes and happy new year